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It can be hard to figure out and choose the best moving company for your relocation to Aventura. There are hundreds of results yielded from a simple Google search. However, there are certain factors you should use to find the right moving company. When searching for a good moving company, you want to use a professional, knowledgeable, on-time, and trustworthy company.

We have years of moving experience that is complemented well with our reviews from our happy customers. We genuinely care about our customers, which is why we work hard to create a fantastic experience every time. We’re ready to help you with any moving services you mightneed, from residential moving services to complete packing and storage options. Let us take the stress and hassle out of your Aventura move with our dedication and high-quality services.

  • Residential Moving: Regardless of where you’re moving from or to in Aventura, whether it be a single-family home, duplex, condo, or apartment, we’re ready to help you with your Aventura moving needs. We’ll provide top-notch quality at reasonable rates. 
  • Commercial Moving: Our professional moving company will offer everything you need for your commercial move to Aventura. We’re able to navigate the challenges of your business or office space, regardless of the size. We ensure your special office equipment is moved securely and safely. 
  • Piano Moving: Our professional movers have a lot of experience moving fragile items, like pianos, to locations around Aventura. We’re dedicated to delivering your piano free of scratches, nicks, or any other type of damage. Regardless of the piano size, we’re able to help. 
  • Art Moving: Your valuable art pieces are guaranteed to receive exceptional care during your Aventura move with our professional moving team. We offer extensive services to properly pack and deliver your art to ensure the quality stays in-tact. 
  • Packing and Storage: We offer complete packing services in Aventura, including packing your belongings into appropriate boxes, storing your items in climate-controlled facilities, and delivery into your new place. Experience the top-notch quality and care we provide for your move to Aventura.

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Aventura is known for its gorgeous single-family homes and sleek high-rises. The city of Aventura, located in Florida, is situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, taking only 30 minutes to get to either city. Aventura is perfect for family fun and world-class shopping, with over 300 shops, restaurants, and shows all located within one area. If you’re looking to relocate to the Aventura area, you’ll want to learn more about the city and professional Aventura movers to help you become situated with the area.

Aventura is located just east of I-95, situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Aventura has a population of 38,000 people and is a part of Miami-Dade County. It’s considered by many to be one of the best places to live in Florida. Aventura allows its residents to feel a sense of community within an urban setting.  

Aventura is considered one of Miami’s quieter towns but is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the area. Full of diversity, world-class attractions, and new housing development, Aventura has everything you need to feel right at home.

Housing in Aventura

Aventura is one of the safest cities to live in southeast Florida. Most neighborhoods include some type of gate system with around-the-clock security and feature amenities such as restaurants, spas, gyms, and pools. There is such a wide variety of high-rise properties and single-family homes available in the Aventura area. Rent in this area can start as low as $1,200, a steal for living in Miami-Dade County, as most places in nearby parts of Miami, can price a few hundred dollars higher. Here is a breakdown of the type of housing you can typically find in Aventura:

  • Single Family Homes: There are many communities in the Aventura area with single-family homes or free-standing residential buildings. While these aren’t always located right on the beach, most are conveniently only 5-10 minutes away and feature gated communities so that you can ensure you’re in a safe neighborhood. 
  • Low-Rises: Popular in the early 1950s, you’ll see many low-rises for rent or for sale in the city of Aventura. Low-Rise buildings are only a few stories high and have strong foundational roots. You can find them located near the mall, city center, and beachside for a reasonable price. 
  • Duplexes: Scattered around Aventura are duplex homes. Duplex homes allow you the convenience of a shared yard while still having at least one neighbor next-door to you. 
  • Condos: The most famous housing unit in Aventura are high-rise condos. You will find them all along the beachside and city. You’ll have many condos to choose from to either rent or buy, depending on the specific amenities you want and the budget you have. The views and luxurious feel of Aventura condos allow you to live the Miami lifestyle, with less traffic and more community.

Top-Rated Apartments in Aventura

Finding an apartment in Aventura can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ready to move to Aventura, check out the top-rated apartment complexes available in this sunny city.

Aventura Movers

  1. Aventura Park Square: Aventura Park Square offers fully-furnished move-in-ready residences. If that’s not quite your style, you can still choose an unfurnished apartment and move over your own belongings. Park Square is the perfect combination of life, work, and play. Office space, restaurants, and boutiques are all located within a short walking distance of the complex. If you want to purchase a condo in Aventura Park Square, expect to pay a good chunk of money. Prices start in the low 500’s. 
  2. Echo Aventura: This beautiful apartment complex is located right on the water, so you have terrific views, regardless of the unit you choose. Echo Aventura has many apartments to rent, starting at $6,000 a month, or you can choose to buy an apartment in the low millions. All units in this complex are between 3-6 bedrooms. 
  3. Point of Aventura:  Point of Aventura is located in the Northeast corner of Aventura, near the ocean, with over 35 acres of land developed into properties. There are over 60 single-family homes and five towers of apartments to choose from within this complex. Both renters and buyers are welcome at Point of Aventura. 

Things to Do in Aventura

Aventura Mall: The Aventura Mall is the largest mall in Florida, and the second-largest in the country. This indoor venue is packed with restaurants, entertainment, and retail stores. Many high-end stores are located inside, such as Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton, along with more affordable options if that doesn’t fit your budget.

Aventura Circle: Aventura circle is a free, outdoor walking path that spans over more than three miles surrounded by beautiful greenery. Aventura circle is easily accessible for strollers and those using wheelchairs. It’s a great place to relax, get some exercise or have a picnic.

Aventura Arts and Cultural Center:  This beautiful structure was built over ten years ago and is an important location for a wide range of performances, including plays, musicals, dance recitals, and music performances. The acoustics and lighting are incredible in this theater.

Haulover Park: Haulover Park is located over on the beachside. This is the perfect location to enjoy the clear water and white sand. It’s inexpensive to enter the park, only requiring a per car fee to enter the park, and great for family fun or relaxation without Miami crowds.

Moving to Aventura

Moving to Aventura

Moving to Aventura is more than transporting and packing up your house. Moving takes a lot of coordination, planning, and hard labor. If you’re ready to relocate to Aventura, you should consider hiring a professional moving company. Using a professional moving company can significantly impact your overall experience, from coordinating, planning, and packing to transporting and moving in. If you weren’t already convinced, here are a few more reasons to hire a professional moving company.

Insurance: Aventura is a pretty expensive city to move to. Most apartment complexes require high insurance from moving companies to ensure that belongings are appropriately taken care of, and that apartment complexes are not damaged in any way. We’re equipped with the top insurance available in the moving company industry because we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about any damages to your items.

Packing Services:  One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new residence is having to pack the items in your house in an appropriate way to make sure that everything stays safe and secure during the transition. Professional moving companies offer complete packing services to help take care of the packing process, including supplying the materials needed, packing up your belongings, and moving them to your new location.

Less Stress: When you plan to move, you’re faced with many decisions you must make. By hiring a professional team for your next move, you can ensure that everything is taken care of on your behalf, eliminating any stress or chaos that is usually associated with the moving process.

Cost-Effective: When you add up the costs of the equipment, tools, and supplies you’ll need to move your belongings, along with the physical stress and time you’ll need to invest, hiring an Aventura professional moving company is very cost-effective. Our prices for moving are fair and include all the materials you’ll need to ensure a safe and speedy move.

Safety: Our experienced team of Miami movers understands how to load your belongings efficiently, lift heavy objects, and handle your furniture or fragile items with care. You don’t want to risk the chance of seriously injuring yourself or damaging precious belongings by trying to move things yourself. Our teams have the skills and equipment to carry items safely and securely.

Aventura is a gorgeous city in southeast Florida that offers plenty of sunshine and things to do. From its well-known beaches and clear ocean to various shopping and restaurant options, you’re sure to feel at home with your move to the city of Aventura.  

Relocating to your new home or apartment in Aventura is a significant change and includes a lot of decisions that need to be made for your move to go smoothly. If you’re ready to move to Aventura, you must plan all your moving details ahead of time, including booking your professional moving services in Aventura. Contact us today to start planning the move of your dreams.