Residential Moving Services
Residential moving can sometimes be a stressful and overwhelming experience. This is why it's important to hire an experienced  moving company to ensure a safe transport of your most valuable possessions. Here at ABA Moving, we understand how much your furniture, appliances and other valuables mean to you. Our main goal is to ensure that they arrive at your new destination in perfect condition.
Commercial Moving Services
ABA Moving knows all too well that time equals money when it comes to relocating your business. That is why our  specialized moving business team allows our commercial customers to move quickly and more efficiently so they can be set up at their new location and get back to work. Our experienced moving team will evaluate your business moving needs to eliminating as much downtime as possible.
Piano Moving Services
If you're ever in need of a professional and cost-effective piano mover, look no further than ABA Moving. Taking into consideration that a piano is probably one of the most valuable possessions you may own, damaging it in transport will cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace it. Our specialized professional piano moving team knows exactly how to move your piano securely and damage free in Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas
Military Moving Services
If your are serving in the military, the possibility that you may need to move often during your career is evident. For that you need to have a well organized and reliable military moving company to take care your relocation needs. ABA moving is a military moving agent that serves as the military's expert moving partner. We are all about providing efficient moving services to take special care of our military customers..
Relocation Moving Services
Moving is hard enough when you are just moving down the street or from one town to another. However, when you are moving a few states away, or all the way across the country, it becomes an even bigger challenge. You can’t make easy trips back and forth between houses when you are moving thousands of miles away – you only get one chance to do it right.
Storage and Packing Services
ABA Moving offers household, commercial and records storage on both a temporary and permanent basis depending on your needs. Whether you just have a short overlap between homes, or need a longer-term storage solution, we are able to provide just what you are looking for.
Long-Distance Moving
Are you planning a move from or to the East Coast, South Florida, or the golden areas of Mexico? Look no further; ABA Miami Moving is your long-distance moving provider of choice.