Commercial Moving

There’s a rumor that business relocation is a complete disaster. Starting with the logistical nightmare, the reduction in the employees’ productivity, and ending up with fighting a downtime that cuts the revenue drastically, a business move might indeed be a pain in the neck.

Luckily, you can avoid this scenario. With our professional moving service, you’ll relocate your organization having all critical business processes up and running, keeping your team at the peak of their productivity, and ensuring minimal downtime without the loss in the revenue.


Your business is unique. So are your relocation needs. As a seasoned moving company Miami with over 15 years of experience under our belt, ABA Moving delivers commercial and corporate moving services tailored to your business needs.

Whatever your moving requests are, we will help you out. Do you need to relocate your store to a new place? Are you looking for someone who would agree to proceed with moving office equipment to a new building around your business hours? Have you found a better place for your medical office or educational facility?

ABA Moving company Miami has you covered. Whether you’ve got to move your small business or an enterprise, we will create a plan that would ensure a smooth and timely relocation without stress, productivity loss, and extra expenses. Day or night, weekend or holiday, we will schedule a move for any requested date and time so that you don’t have to close down your office.

Scope of Services

Commercial movers at ABA Moving will streamline your corporate move so that you could focus on more critical business operations and reduce any chances of downtime and chaos. From pre-logistic planning to unpacking all the stuff, we take care of the stressful, time-consuming tasks and ensure your business is set up as sooner as possible.

Pre-move planning

Our dedicated team of business movers provides customized services to address your business moving needs. When you outsource ABA moving services (Miami), you can be confident that your commercial relocation will run smoothly and on time.

Our commercial movers will examine your current and new location to work out a moving plan within a defined budget and timeframes. We will break down the relocation into stages, set control points, and carry the office move according to the schedule.

We’ll estimate if there would be enough space for your furniture in a new building. If your new premise doesn’t have enough room for your belongings, we will provide a storage place so you could keep your furniture, assets, or documentation safely till better times.

Office Moving

An office move can be overwhelming but not with the ABA moving company Miami. Our commercial movers have the right expertise, skills, and equipment to tackle any of your moving needs.

Whether you’re moving a small office or an entire building, we’ll be here for you to develop and manage the moving project according to your requirements. Our team will utilize the right equipment, will take care of all the packing materials, and involve enough manpower to ensure your office relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Once you use our office moving service, you’ll have peace of mind as we’ll take care of all the processes, from pre-move planning to furniture reassembling, and take the office moving stress off your shoulders.

Relocation plan designing

Not having an office relocation plan is a huge mistake that would cost you money. With ABA moving services (Miami), you’ll protect your business from any additional relocation expenses. Our experienced commercial movers will work shoulder to shoulder with you to devise a relocation plan that would cover your needs. We’ll break down the relocation process into small sprints so that you do not feel overwhelmed with the amount of work. Or you can delegate the whole relocation process from start to finish to us and bother about it no more.

Moving Insurance

At ABA moving, we understand that all the devices, assets, furniture pieces, and other office stuff are critical for business continuity. That’s why we’ll carefully pack and diligently transport it to a new place.

However, you never know what waits for you around the corner, so we offer commercial moving insurance. In case if an incident happens, the unit gets broken, or something gets lost, we’ll compensate for the damage promptly and in full.

Providing packaging materials

Believe it or not, but packaging materials are always the last thing people think about when planning a move. They make an inventory of all the belongings, schedule the packing tasks, order a truck, but do forget to get packing materials for a flawless relocation experience.

If it turns out that you do not have enough packing materials, ABA moving company Miami would help. We’ll provide you with everything you need, starting with boxes and tapes to bubble wraps and ropes for lifting heavy objects. If you are pressed for time, we’ll neatly pack all your office furniture pieces and assets and deliver them to the new place.

Loading/unloading, delivery, and setup

The toughest part of the whole commercial relocation process is loading & unloading the truck, and then setting up all the devices and furniture pieces. If you do not have enough resources to carry these procedures by yourself, hire the ABA Moving company. Our professional movers will load the truck, deliver your belonging to a new office or building, and install all units in a timely fashion.

Computer relocation

We understand the importance of your computing environment and its impact on your organization, so we deliver unsurpassed computer relocation services. We care about your equipment as much as you do, so we’ll move your technology systems properly. We’ll bring your computers, workstations, and servers from the office of any size in a timely manner without disruptions and downtimes, ensuring your employees stay focused and productive.

Equipment relocation

Moving heavy and bulky equipment might put your business into a lot of challenges. But as old facilities are no longer spacious enough to cover your growing manufacturing needs or are not suitable for the improvement of the production processes, you might be forced to undertake the equipment relocation.

As your equipment is complex and includes intricate, moving, or heavy parts, moving it without decent expertise can be disastrous for your business. ABA Moving company offers robust equipment relocation services so you could avoid downtime, damaged equipment, or costly over-charges. Being a professional moving organization, we offer both construction, installation, and transportation services to ensure production continuity with the best results. Being skilled at machinery moving, our team will carry the relocation rapidly, delivering cost savings and extra time efficiency.

Gym relocation

Fitness equipment is heavy, bulky, and requires special treatment. So, even if you have a squad of the strongest athletes from your gym, they might fail to move your gym equipment in the right condition. It’s not about their strength, it’s about the experience, skills, and right tools at hand. After all, you want to make sure all the pieces of equipment do not get damaged in transit.

Our team of movers will keep an eye on your equipment, ensuring all its pieces arrive in pristine condition. From taking all your fitness belongings out of your old gym to placing them exactly where you want them to be, our gym movers will take care of your treadmill and other devices so that you do not have to bother yourself with the relocation at all.

Warehouse relocations

As you are going to move the entire warehouse to a new place, you’ve got to get ready for titanic undertakings and huge challenges. But with a professional moving company like ABA Moving in Miami, things are going to be less cumbersome.

Our skillful warehouse movers will help you plan every detail of your huge relocation so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. From planning logistics, palletizing and staging your inventory, to installing pallet racking systems and unloading the truck, ABA Moving company will do the hard work so that the warehouse relocation doesn’t put you into a lot of stress.

Furniture disposal & recycling

As you’re moving to another place, your old furniture might not fit the new setting. Here’s where ABA Moving services of furniture disposal and recycling come in handy. Our company provides convenient pickup services for all the unwanted pieces you’d like to get rid of. We’ll haul your broken or unwanted furniture in an eco-friendly and responsible way.

Depending on the furniture’s condition, we’ll either donate or recycle it. You’ve got to worry about nothing. We’ll come right to your old office and load the unwanted objects into our trucks at a reasonable fee. Just remember that getting your old furniture disposed and recycled by office furniture moving companies you are helping eliminate furniture poverty and environmental contamination.

Filing reorganizations

Do you feel like you don’t have to take all the files to a new office with you? Delegate filing reorganization to an ABA Moving team and we’ll improve your database’s system performance by offering new effective record clustering algorithms and deleting old unneeded records.

Inventory & document warehousing

Would you like to speed the retrieval and access of paper documents to optimize inventory- and warehousing-related business processes like faster billing and more precise responses to customers?

ABA Moving will help you enhance your inventory & document warehousing management so that your company could improve everything from logistics, freight forwarding, inventory management to wholesale distribution. Our team will transform your papers into a system for faster and easier documentation access.

Records storage and management

Would you like to use the space in your new office more efficiently but you can’t get rid of your records? Would you like to enhance the management of the files with personal information? Would you like to cut rental costs and have already found a smaller office that doesn’t have enough room for all your records?

Here’s where ABA Moving comes in handy. Not only we are ready to help you with total office relocation, but we will also provide you with the storage space to keep the records and important documents like contracts, medical records, technical materials, accounting-related files, and so on. Our team will reorganize, pack, transport, and keep your records in a safe place. We also provide services of the disposal of confidential documents after the retention period, consulting about the efficient filing methods that would cover your needs. Our tech-savvy experts will help you transfer the documentation into the electronic format if you need it.

How to Prepare for a Successful Commercial Moving

A commercial move might suck you dry if you are carrying it without a good plan. But there’s a smart strategy that would help you live through your corporate relocation with less stress and almost no downtime.

  • Plan your move carefully: schedule the tasks with deadlines and people responsible for each of them.
  • Set a budget for relocation: you’ve got to consider expenses on packing materials, truck rental, and so on, or just fee for the professional commercial moving services if you don’t want to bother yourself with the relocation stuff.
  • Let everyone know you’re moving: tell your employees, clients, suppliers, vendors that the office, warehouse, or any other premise will be located in a new place soon.
  • Book a professional commercial moving company in Miami in advance: if you would like to avoid the hassle from your side, you’d better hire a seasoned team of movers who would run your relocation from start to finish smoothly.

Why choose ABA moving for your business move

There’s an old saying “Time is money.” As a masterfully trained team of experienced movers, we will relocate your business in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way. We’ll develop a moving plan and carry it in a fashion that doesn’t interfere with your business processes in any way. Non-business hours, weekends, holidays, – an ABA Moving company is all yours. Your office, warehouse, manufacturing facility, and just anything will be relocated to a new place without the downtime and the loss of the employees’ productivity.

ABA Moving company will provide you with a customizable spectrum of services that would meet your relocation needs. From pre-moving planning and packing material provisioning to truck unloading and the set-up of your office or manufacturing furniture, equipment, and other devices, we deliver the exact volume of services you need to feel at ease during the move.

Reach us today and learn how we can help your business feel at home in a new place.

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