Jan 15, 2021
Relocating to South Florid

Relocating your Business in South Florid

Florida, the sunny southern state with no state income tax, is leading nationwide in business relocation, and this trend will continue for the next few years at least. From big corporations to small family-owned businesses, all types of businesses  are moving their headquarters to the Sunny State. The anti – lock-down policies, the open market, financial incentives, and mild weather are possible reasons for relocation. Indeed, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa are receiving thousands of new commercial license applications and welcoming new residents from all over the country. Besides, adapting to the COVID-19 era creates particular challenges to decide, on a case by case basis, if the office space needed is bigger or smaller.
The radical changes the corporate space faces in response to the COVID-19 pandemic demands different moves for each type of commercial activity and business venture. Some companies need bigger floor plans and more space to maintain social distancing among their employees. On the other hand, hundreds of organizations are downsizing their office space and sending their equipment and furniture to storage. Regardless of the possible reasons for relocation, South Florida commercial movers are busier than ever. In fact, Miami commercial moving services and Fort Lauderdale office movers have the hottest demand for business relocation.Want to Downsize Your Office Space in Response to COVID-19 and Save Money?

Remote work is taking over the world

Teleworking demand is on the rise, and all signs points toward this trend  continuing for the next decade. COVID-19 changed how the commercial landscape operates, forcing us to reconsider the convenience of large office space unused for the year. In general, up to 80% of employees work from home or remotely without using the office space at all. Besides, commercial office space is expensive in big cities. The high demand for moving offices in Miami any rent price reduction unlikely. For these reasons, some companies are downsizing their office space and creating a schedule for multi-user desks or cubicles. Also, by moving offices in Miami, the savings can help balance the investment needed to increase remote work productivity and security.How to Know If a Downsizing Miami Business Relocation Is the Best Option for Your Organization
The impact of COVID-19 on the American economy is enormous, prompting businesses to find ways to increase their productivity during confinement. Therefore, the major move to remote work occurred, and its success corroborated the need for rethinking organizational real state needs. As an illustration, the entire office building sat empty for weeks and even months because employees are teleworking. Also, most COVID-19 safety precautions recommend teleworking. Moreover, new social distancing protocols implementation is limiting the number of employees using the office at any time. Thus, depending on the business´ status reducing its real state cost is the sensible decision. Some corporations are bolder with their office space and moving to storage because of COVID-19 most of its equipment.

To help your organization assessing the suitability of downsizing it. Also, to consider its Miami business relocation for the semester or entire year, this article describes some considerations.

  • Human resources departments across the US reported that their employees consider teleworking a plus to job benefits and compensation. Moreover, new workers are looking for job positions in which, they can either choose to work remotely or do the entire work from home. Besides, even after vaccination and the pandemic ended, many of the employees want to continue teleworking. Fort Lauderdale office movers are the living proof of the employees’ preferences for remote working. The more prevalent the workforce becoming increasingly remote working, the less office spaced needed.
  • COVID-19 proved that working from home or away from the office can increase employees’ productivity. The classic week hours can be extended at no extra cost because some employees feel the need to work extra time to emphasize their value. Also, the reduction of commuting time increases workers’ performance. After all, the organization’s productivity and operational efficacy don’t depend on the presence or absence of its employees but on the amount of work or number of tasks finished by each member during the day. Thus, for some organizations, remote working is more profitable and sustainable over time. Consequently, those organizations can be planning to move to storage because of COVID-19 to make a significant reduction in the cost of real estate.
  • Allowing office space to be handled similarly to public space can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. For instance, each employee can use any desk or cubicle when needed and save money for the company. The company savings come from less space and equipment needed. Also, the utility bills and maintenance and operating costs decrease. Of course, most of the employees will do remote work, making it unlikely for all of them to be present at any given point. Besides. Miami commercial moving services can relocate your organization in a short time whenever you are ready.

Your organization is ready for relocation in the State of Florida, now you need the South Florida commercial movers’ assistance. Also, Miami commercial moving services can help to guide you on the process and steps needed for a flawless relocation. Relocating your business requires some planning and keeping in mind the employees’ safety and convenience. If you are from out of the state, you must research the chambers of commerce of your chosen city or town. The Florida government offers the webpage to answer all your questions and inform you of all requirements for doing business in the state. Besides, if you are unsure which town is best for your organization, you can visitFlorida Trend.com.

Miami Commercial Moving Services Office Move Checklist

  • Step 1.The most reliable South Florida commercial moving company — ABA Moving, providing office moving services throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale, has curated a comprehensive checklist to assist your business relocation.According to the Fort Lauderdale office movers each business faces unique requirements and needs. Therefore, before even considering relocating their operations, the organization must determine if more or less office space is needed. Besides, the organization must identify the best town and adequate facility for its operation.
  • Step 2. Select a Moving Manager and Plan Your Office Move Systematically
    South Florida commercial movers suggest assigning a Moving Manager. One person coordinating and supervising the relocation reduces the resources needed and prevents damages and losses. The manager must create a plan and indicate the time frame for its execution, to be ready before the Miami commercial moving services arrive. Besides, the manager must assign to the working team their task and responsibilities.
  • Step 3. Budget Management. Ask for a quotation from Miami commercial moving services.
    Afterward, establish the budget for moving and relocating the office with all its equipment and furniture. It is essential to include the reassembling and reconnecting cost at the destination place. Storage requirements should be discussed as well — ABA Moving has many different short and long term storage options.
  • Step 4. Implement COVID-19 Safety Precautions. South Florida commercial movers always place safety first.
    For this reason, when a relocation is taking place, everybody in the moving team has to follow the CDC COVID-19 Safety Precautions. As an illustration, proper protection equipment must be used at all times. Mouth covers are to be worn during the moving, even on the truck while transporting the office equipment and furniture. Besides, the team must wear new nitrile gloves and frequently apply hand sanitizer after packing objects. On the date of moving, the office and service access must be well-ventilated. Of course, the minimum number of people should be present during moving to minimize virus exposure.
  • Step 5. Create a Work frame and A Comprehensive Relocation Project Checklist
    Fort Lauderdale office movers recommend creating a work frame with deadlines and detailed tasks. Besides, writing down and distributing to all team members the relocating project checklist, which describes all the tasks required. Also, the checklist must highlight the team responsible for each task and the dateline for it. In case of delays, the checklist must indicate how to proceed and which members can support the delayed ones.
  • Step 6. Prepare Your Office Equipment
    Moving office in Miami always require to dissemble business equipment. All the equipment must be disconnected, dissembled, and packaged. Of course, Miami commercial moving services can provide packing service per client request
  • Step 7. Follow the Building Moving Protocols and Regulations
    Fort Lauderdale office movers understand that commercial buildings require prior notification for moving out or in. Also, confirm the allowed moving hours, the service elevator reservation, and loading stations.
  • Step 8: Implement Security Measures During Moving
    Miami commercial moving services advise following security measures to prevent losses and breaks in. Keep both places locked and handle the keys to the previously identified and hired Miami commercial moving services.

Moving Equipment and Furniture to Storage is a Tactical Response to COVID-19

The remote work high productivity is making some organizations to downsize their office space to the minimum possible. Some businesses relocate their office to smaller commercial facilities, just enough to serve clients and receive correspondence. Thus, their employees do remote work and rarely visit their office. Under those circumstances, moving to storage because of COVID-19 is a sensible plan to save money and increase business profitability. Commercial moving and storage services provided by ABA Moving are your best option for moving your office to storage due to COVID-19. Contact the best South Florida commercial movers – ABA Moving to get a quote for local or long-distance moving and storage.