Moving can be a daunting task. Everything from choosing the location of your new home to the process of finding the perfect house or apartment, then touring and purchasing it are difficult enough. Once you finally start to pack your belongings and prepare to abandon your old home is when the laundry list of tasks that you have grows even longer. Everything from packing your silverware to your beds takes up an exuberant amount of time. Not only do you want to pack quickly but you want to pack well so that none of your items are lost or damaged during the process of the move. This is where glassware can be a major issue. Since glassware is so fragile yet so common in our decorative and general personal possessions packing it can be one of the most difficult parts of your move preparation checklist. Due to the issue of packing and transporting glassware being such a common one, our team of professional packers here at ABA Moving has decided to put together a guide crafted specifically for transporting glass of any size and quality all throughout South Florida.

Your prized possessions may often include items made of glass. This can include anything from mirrors, vases, to entire tables and pieces of furniture with major glass components.  Starting with small pieces of glassware such as kitchen glasses, small vases and the like. These small pieces of glassware are very fragile and easy to crack or crush under larger items during a move, since their small size often leads them to be neglected. ABA Miami Moving however makes sure that your small glass valuables are never neglected and stay safe throughout the entirety of your move. To pack these items it is best to use a layer of bubble warp. Once the layer of bubble wrap has been applied and sealed with tape it is then important to apply wrapping paper on top of this layer of bubble wrap. Once fully packed our professional packers recommend labeling the different pieces of glassware by writing over the wrapping paper with a marker. This simple additional step can make the unpacking process far simpler and easier. When packing vases or glasses specifically it is also recommended to place packing paper inside of the vase and glass itself to prevent pressure from cracking your valuables.

Packing larger pieces of glass can be a totally different story however. When packing large mirrors or glass tables we still recommend the use of bubble wrap, however the bubble wrap used here will have much bigger bubbles and is specially designed for protecting large items. Once wrapped in bubble wrap these large items should be then layered in blankets which are provided by our specially trained movers. Following all of these steps is the perfect way to ensure that your valuables are transported to your destination worry free.

Although this covers most pieces of glassware there are certain pieces glassware where the simple use of bubble wrap and even bubble wrap along with wrapping would not be enough to prevent damage to these items. Items that may need these special precautions are those that are overly large glass decorations such as extremely large vases as well as glass sculptures. The larger these glass decorations are the more fragile they are. A large glass sculpture would be very unsafe in the hands of poorly trained movers, however even more unsafe in the hands of poorly trained and unprepared packers. Large glass decorations need to first be wrapped over in many layers of bubble wrap. The use of many layers is done in order to prevent one layer of bubble wrap from being crushed under the weight of the sculptures. Often times  bubble wrap will be squashed simply by moving the object, therefore using multiple layers  can help prevent the final layer from being crushed and thus rendered useless. Once covered in bubble wrap it is very important to place an adequate amount of wrapping paper inside if it is an open structure such as a large vase. The placement of wrapping paper into glass structures will help prevent cracking and shattering from occurring, as it can help mitigate some of the shock damage that can occur during the process of a move. With our experienced Miami movers there is no need to worry about such shock damage as both our moving and packing teams are very well trained and hardened with years of experience to provide the most worry free moving experience possible. Now that the vase or sculpture has been wrapped and stuffed with packing paper the most important part of the process comes along. This is the placement of the item in a crate. The use of crates when moving large glass objects such as these given examples is very critical. This is because wooden crates are far more protective than standard cardboard moving boxes. The crates offer an easy way to package the item as they are assembled around the item rather than having it placed inside this helps make the item less mobile through the duration of the move which leads to less chances for human error to occur. The wooden properties of the crate also offer much more shock absorption and protection as well as stability than a standard cardboard moving box would.  Our moving and packing teams are specially trained to work with these kinds of large crates as we specialize in the transportation of large antiques that often happen to be large fragile glass decorations. Once the cardboard box arrives at its destination it is then unpacked by our professionally trained moving team and your glass decoration is carefully unloaded out of the crate.