Miami Beach

Florida is going to be one of the most populated states in the USA by 2035. The sun-shine state offers fantastic weather, overseas highway, well-kept roads, and endless flatland for construction projects. Also, the Florida school system is among the best nationwide ranked as the third-best in the USA below Massachusetts and New Jersey. Besides, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, which increases your net income by 7 or 9%. The state government built a comprehensive health care system. It provides above-average public services. For these reasons, Americans are moving to Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Is the Next Hottest Zip Code in the USA

Miami is a city on the beach, which offers all the amenities, services, and opportunities any megalopolis could have. Indeed, Miami has one of the fastest-growing jobs markets in the hemisphere. Besides, from its ports, you can reach every possible global destination. Businesses and service providers are growing at a faster rate than the national average, which creates investment opportunities for all. Nowadays, the real state costs are lower than in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and similar cities across the states. Therefore, now is the best time to invest in buying real estate in and move to Miami Beach and live at your dream home. Moving your home to Miami Beach is a sensible action to secure your family’s future.

Moving to Miami Beach

What are the Benefits of Moving to Miami Beach?

Living in Miami beach is similar to live in Park Avenue Manhattan or Rodeo Drive but with better weather. Also, the real state costs are a fraction of those in similar trendy neighborhoods. A two-bedroom apartment rent starts at $1.600, and the square feet price is around $5600. The Oceanfront and the pristine beaches are priceless, and you can enjoy them from your front door. The affordable real estate is probably one of the main reasons why Miami Beach movers are busier this year.
Miami Beach is growing at a fast pace, and it is including social and financial diversity in its development. Thus, you can buy affordable homes, one block from the sandy beaches. Besides, rents are relatively low, and thousands of retired take advantage of it by moving to Miami Beach. You can find houses of any size, with modern or classic architecture.

Florida Has No Income, Inheritance, and Estate Taxes.

Your salary has a higher purchasing power with a net gain of 7 to 9% because of the lower taxes. Also, if you receive or plan to leave an inheritance, your heirs won´t pay taxes for it. The sales taxes are 6% and the roads, police department, and public services are above the standard.

One of the Safest Neighborhoods in the US

Personal and property safety is a guarantee. The crime rate of Miami Beach is among the lowest in North America. The residents can live for decades before they learn or witness any kind of unlawful act. There is no bad neighborhood in the area and not any dangerous place. By all means, this is one of the main reasons for moving to Miami Beach.

Law and Order

The State and City government don´t tolerate rioters or looters. The diverse Sheriff’s department enforces the law with justice and equity. Miami Beach is a paradisiac neighborhood that allows you to live on your private island while keeps you connected with the continent. The residents have higher than national average High School diploma and college education. Freedom and convenience are among the most reported benefits of relocating to Miami Beach.

No Confinements

Your constitutional rights are protected. Neither the state nor the local authorities will force you to be indoors or limit your mobility across the state. Businesses and government bodies are operational during business hours. You can maintain your lifestyle as it was before the Covid-19 Pandemic. Civil and personal freedom is part of the Florida standards. Miami Beach movers can corroborate how many Americans from all over the country are flocking to the area looking for a peaceful hometown.

World-Class Culture

Miami Beach offers hundreds of art galleries, haute couture ateliers, theater plays, and concerts of all kinds of music. Besides, within 10 minutes from Miami Beach, you can reach the most important theaters and cultural venues of Miami. Every day there are cultural activities, sports games, and virtually unlimited opportunities to learn from the Miami Melting pot.

Uncountable activities for Senior Citizens and Adults

Retirees Exercising on Miami Beach

17.3% of Florida residents are senior citizens. Most of them with significant disposable income, which creates a huge market for services tailored to their needs. Florida is the world leader in senior citizen´s entertainment offerings. Miami Beach has many  clubs and organizations dedicated to providing entertainment and amusement to adults. It’s important to realize that good weather promotes outdoor activities and public gatherings. For the last five decades’ senior citizens are moving to Miami Beach after retirement.

More than 330 days of Sunny Days

Forget about the endless winter and slippery roads. Miami Beach offers almost a full year of sunlight, with the exception of some tropical storms.

Efficient Healthcare

Relax when you move to Miami Beach

Miami has a world-class healthcare system and a rate of 265.2 active doctors for every 100.000 residents. Besides, the warm weather decreases arthritic pains and some depression symptoms.

Enjoy a different sandy beach each day

A different beach every 100 yards. There are dozens of beaches for you to choose from. You can enjoy a different one each day, all of them with transparent green water and sandy beach.

Miami Beach Movers are Insured

The State legislation requires that all Miami Beach movers are licensed, registered, and have comprehensive insurance to offer their services. Some VIP Miami clients are very picky and demand that movers perform a white glove job. Thus, the best Miami Beach moving companies provide 360 all around services. Depending on the client’s preferences, the moving company can offer different types of Miami Beach movers services. The moving services can vary from providing moving boxes and supplies to performing the full packing and move out service from your old house. Also, our crew will move your furniture in and assemble everything in your new home.

Moving During Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Miami Beach movers move safely following  the CDC recommendation and guidelines to ensure protection to our clients and their families. Every day as soon as our employees arrive at our facility, their body temperature is measured and they require to answer a short questionnaire about their general health. Nobody with flu-like symptoms, malaise, fever during the last 5 days, or being in contact with a COVID-19 patient is allowed to work. Our team is frequently tested for the COVID-19 virus to ensure our employees are fit to work. We take seriously any biological hazard, and our staff must be healthy and fit to work before they can provide any service.
Furthermore, hiring movers during coronavirus time or being in contact with the public during the pandemic requires protective precautions. With this in mind, during the entire time our employees are in contact with people or their belongings, our employees will wear proper protective equipment.

Miami Beach Packing Help

Our company is always ready waiting for your call to help you relocate you and your family to your new home. We are Miami Beach moving experts, and we understand how challenging and exhausting moving can be. Thus, we offer different services, and the most comprehensive one involves Miami Beach packing help. Including taking care of all the disassembly, dismounting, and packing all your belongings, and transport it to your new address, and cleaning services at your old location can also be arranged.
Of course, our Miami Beach movers can perform a full white-glove service. Including the disassembly, dismounting, and wrapping and packing of all your furniture and belongings for transport to your new address. Afterward, our crew will unload, unpack, assemble, and place your belonging at your indicated location in your new home. This service gives you the convenience of leaving an old house and finding all your belongings in your new home ready to use. Our professional Miami Beach moving crews will take care of everything for you.
Depending on your needs and preferences, our Miami Beach packing help can be tailored to meet your budget, needs, and expectations. We are one of the leading Miami Beach movers because we are aware that moving can be very exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, our crew will take assist you during the entire service and support you until it ends. Our mission is to be efficient, fast, friendly, and extra careful when working for you.

Can Miami Beach Movers move my son to College?

Yes, we proudly service the continental US from coast to coast. We can take care of any size moving from a couple of boxes to a complete hotel building. We celebrate your son’s success and can move him out of your home and relocate him to his college dorm. We are a trusted Miami Beach movers company, and we take any service with gratitude and respect. Therefore, we will happy to move your son to any college inside Florida or to any Continental US town.

Miami Beach Movers

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Move?

Any time is the best time for moving to Miami Beach. It´s essential to realize, Florida enjoys fabulous weather year-round. The excellent highways are clear and safe to use except for the days in which tropical storms or hurricanes hit the zone. Under those circumstances, waiting 24 or 48 hours is more than enough to proceed with regular business. For other northern states, the best time of the year to move is Spring because the weather is mild and the roads are safer.