So, your lifetime dream is about to come true – you will be living in Miami. Golden suntan, picturesque beaches, surfing-perfect waves… You already see yourself in this city. It seems that it was created for you.
But there is a thing. You still have to deal with the move to Miami. And that’s where the whole positive vibe can be easily spoiled.

Why do you need to choose local Miami movers?

Every painless move is backed by a well-rounded strategy and a team of Miami movers who will easily perform all moving tasks.
If you do not have rich expertise in moving affairs but do want to avoid common mistakes people make during the move to or from Miami, here is the deal. You should hire one of the best moving companies in Miami to spare you from stress and misfortune.
Reliable moving companies like ABA Moving will provide you with a full range of customizable moving services Miami fl for a flawless and joyous relocation experience. Local movers Miami will help you schedule the moving tasks, provide you with packing supplies, help you pack your possessions, load the truck, and take care of the logistics. In this way, you save time, money, and energy, which are valuable resources, don’t you think so?

What kind of moving service can we provide?

ABA Moving is a full-cycle moving company Miami Fl providing short- and long-distance relocation services that target different needs. Whether you have an intention to move your household from an apartment to a house or take your corporate or commercial possessions to a more lucrative place, we have you covered.

Local moving

Moving across Miami city or would like to change your life and get to another city in Florida state? ABA Moving company Miami won’t let you be one-on-one with the relocation. We’ll help you bring all your belongings to a new dwelling, even if it’s located just across the street.

Long-distance move

Would you like to get in touch with trusted moving companies Miami to go over your long-distance move? Reach us today and get a free estimate of the relocation. We’ll help you move your belongings to another state, even if it will take us to drive a truck across the whole country.

Storage and packing service

Can’t take all the possessions to a new place? Have no clue where to store them? There is no need to worry as we provide moving and storage services Miami in our well-secured facilities. Rent them for several days or years, it doesn’t matter. We’ll hold them until you are ready to find a spot for them in a new home.

Packing supplies

Have you ever wondered where to take the boxes, bags, wrapping bubble paper, and other supplies to securely pack all the items? As a local moving company Miami, we’ll equip you with packing supplies in the amount required by your move.


Don’t you mind having some extra hands during the packing and unpacking process? Or maybe you need professional assistance when packing fragile or valuable stuff? Our Miami movers will pack or unpack all your belongings quickly and safely so that you do not break the moving deadline and have your possessions delivered to a new place in undamaged condition.

Packing and unpacking moving pad

Opening the back of the moving truck to find some of your favorite possessions damaged is one of the worst things that can happen during relocation. We take full responsibility for your stuff and prevent any unpleasant situations using packing pads that securely cover your belongings.

Home, apartment & condo move

If you have no clue how to organize a move when you’ve got to deal with elevators, stairs, and noise-hating neighbors, you’d better entrust it to masterful local moving companies Miami like ABA Moving. We’ll easily take your possessions in or out of the building without making much noise.

Residential move

When the time comes to move your household to or from Miami, you might be a little bit nostalgic. But you’ll never stress out when you work with an ABA moving company. We are a dedicated residential Miami moving company, so will arrange the household move without any ado.

Commercial moving services

Do you feel frustrated because you do not know how to transport your goods, equipment, and other stuff to a new business location? That would be easy with our Miami moving services as we’ll arrange the whole relocation process for you so that you run your business with no or minimal downtime.

Office and business moves

Move all the corporate electronic devices, servers, documents, furniture, and other items to a new office without any issues. Our trained movers in Miami fl will relocate and connect the devices so that your employees will be back to work as soon as possible.

Piano moving

The show must go on and your piano should be taken to a new chapter in your life. But moving the piano is difficult and untrained people can damage it. Let our qualified movers in Miami do the hard job for you. Enjoy playing the piano and bother about lifting heavy things no more.

Why move to Miami?

If breathtaking beaches and warm winters do not attract you much, here are other reasons to consider Miami for the move:

  • Perfect spot for bloggers;
  • Exotic neighborhoods;
  • Fascinating nightlife;
  • One of the healthiest cities;
  • Exquisite cuisine;
  • Well-developed real-estate;
  • High standards of life quality;
  • Great job opportunities.

You’ll never get bored in Miami. Come to Miami and open the fascinatingly bright side of your life.

Why do you need our moving service?

Organizing a move to or from Miami by yourself is hard. Especially, when you are busy with work, kids, or other duties.
We offer our moving services Miami to make your life easier. ABA Moving company is proud to have a team of qualified and highly skilled movers who have a wide experience in this field. They are trained to carry the move of any complexity within the set timeframes.
Our company has a license, which means that we do not only provide local moving and storage Miami fl services, but we work intrastate to ensure you can get to any place with us. Insurance is also included in our services. So, even if the incident happens, we guarantee that you’ll get fair compensation for the damage.
Get a free estimate of our Miami moving service to plan your move in advance