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When thinking of the best time for local or long distance moving, nearly 80% of people find certain periods more appealing than others.
Why is that happening that most people pick the same period for their move and expect it to be perfect? But in fact, they end up realizing that they are not the only smart folks out there. Then, it turns out that nearly everyone is looking for the best Florida moving companies to take care of their relocation. In this way, the long-awaited ‘perfect’ move turns into a complete nightmare.
So, in this article, we’ll detail what period is considered to be the peak moving season and how to organize the relocation during this time with minimal investments.

When Is Peak Moving Season?

Summer is considered to be the peak moving season. If to be more specific, it’s the period between the end of May and the beginning of September, taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Mind that it might be hard to find decent moving companies Florida right away. It might take some time to book a trusted service provider for a local or long-distance relocation. So it’s better to plan your move ahead and schedule it with a reliable Florida moving and storage company.

Why Is Summertime the Peak Moving Season?

There are plenty of reasons why summertime is the best season for Florida moving. Here are the basic ones.

  • Splendid weather conditions – when you are moving to Florida from a state with rainy autumns and tough winters, you’ll definitely want to carry the whole relocation when the weather is more favorable and neither rain nor snow interferes with the moving tasks like a garage sale or truck loading.
  • School year – families with school-age kids usually do not want to interrupt the educational process in the middle of the academic year and put their children under stress forcing them to adjust to the new environment.
  • Real estate market situation – there are more odds for you to get a good apartment or house in summer because the house selling hits its peak during this period and there comes an end of rental leases among renters.

But people enjoy moving in the summertime because it’s the period of vacations, which means more friends and relatives will be around to help with the move.
We also can’t deny the fact that spring is the change-provoking season. Even though you might be inspired to make changes in your life during the springtime, getting ready for the move takes time. Usually, you are all set and ready in several months – that is during the busy moving season.

Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

When you have no other choice but to move during the busy moving season (and that’s just the case for most people who would like to change their address), you’ve got to understand the risks of this endeavor.
It might be hard to book trusted moving companies in Florida.
The moving costs are much higher compared to the off-peak season.
You can be limited by the choice of a convenient date and time.
Even though it might be quite a challenge for many people to relocate during the peak season, we would like to convince you that you can avoid the stress and hassle if you take a smart approach.

Book Your Mover and Choose a Date ASAP

Good local and long distance movers Florida worth their weight in gold. So start looking for the Florida moving and storage services 6 or even 8 months ahead minimum before the anticipated move date.
It might sound crazy but believe us. As a Florida moving company with a solid reputation, we fill up our schedule really quickly and the odds that you will get your spot at the desired date and time are dimming with every hour.
There is a saying that the early bird catches the worm. So, once you settle on the moving date, contact moving companies in Fl immediately and book a date to ensure the most favorable conditions for your relocation.

Take Advantage of Moving Discounts

Awww, the busy season is a big-budget endeavor. So, you’ll definitely want to find a way to cut the relocation costs.
Since you can’t schedule your move for a more financially appealing season, you can still reduce the cost by using the discounts. Of course, not all nationwide movers eagerly cut the rate for their Florida moving services, but you can always give it a try and make use of the military discount if you are a current or a former military member.
Also, check the ABA moving home page regularly because we have some great daily offers for those people who want to reduce the cost of the relocation during the peak moving season.

Avoid Moving on a Holiday

Moving on a holiday day is the worst date choice one can only make. Firstly, moving companies to Florida are limited in their resources on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, so it will become the most expensive move during the busy session. Secondly, the fighting heavy traffic on the roads can be the reason for delays. Thirdly, you might feel more emotional or psychological pressure during the move scheduled for the holiday because fewer people will be willing to help.
With that said, if you have a chance to re-schedule the move and avoid the holiday days, just do it for the sake of stress-free and more budget-friendly relocation.

Arrange for Childcare on Moving Day

Getting things ready for the move is hectic and cumbersome. But when you add rumbustious toddlers and unruly kiddos to the mix, the move day has all the chances to become the worst day of your life. Besides, children are curious by nature and might accidentally get into trouble. They can get hurt or cause someone to get hurt in the relocation mess.
Thus, it’s better to ask your relatives or a babysitter to keep an eye on your kids. It would be great if they take your children away from the house when the Florida movers arrive. In case it’s impossible to keep the kiddos in a safe place away from the moving hassle, just make sure the babysitter occupies them in a secure place.

Lighten Your Load to Save on Costs

Local and long distance moving quotes are calculated based on the volume of stuff you are taking with you. The more items you carry, the higher is the cost. So, consider your belongings carefully before hiring long distance movers Miami.
Firstly, declutter all your possessions and take the things you will need in the new place. Arrange a garage sale or market the stuff you don’t need through eBay or other online marketplaces.
Secondly, consider shipping some belongings. Sometimes, it might be more financially beneficial to use a carrier than professional movers Florida.

Arrange for a Pet-Sitter

Our furry friends can easily get into trouble when heavy objects are moved around the house. They might also get scared because of all the fuss happening around them. Some pets will find a safe place and will patiently wait till the hassle is over, while others can get so frustrated that they could run away.
So, arrange a pet sitter to take your dog for a walk somewhere in the park or keep them away from trouble in your place on the move day.

Pack Wisely

A smart packing strategy during the peak moving season can save you some good money while taking away the stress of caring for fragile and bulky items.
You can pack your belonging by yourself using our packing tips and leave the most valuable and precious things to professional ABA movers in Florida.
Mind that you’ve got to get packing materials in advance and start gathering all the belongings long before the moving day to get all things done on time.

How to Do Miami Move

Congratulations on the decision to settle in Miami. ABA Moving team is sure you’ll love this place regardless of all the moving hassle you’ve got to endure.
No matter what, ABA Moving services near me is always by your side. We’ll help you plan, pack all your belongings, and load the truck so that you do not feel any fuss during the busy summer season. Our team of professional movers Fl bears with heat and other discomfort related to the summer relocation. But to ensure you do not stay too long under the flaming sun, we can arrange your move early in the morning or late in the evening so you could do all the relocation-related stuff at pleasing temperatures.
When you work with ABA Moving Miami, you are guaranteed to get an exceptional moving experience that doesn’t burn a hole in your budget. We deliver flexible and affordable moving services Florida, which means you get the spectrum of services that meets your goals and financial expectations.
We understand that doing a move during a peak season can be overwhelming and costly, so you’ll want to make sure the relocation expenses fall within your budget. Sometimes, it involves doing most moving-related tasks on your own. As a customer-oriented moving company near me, our team supports any solution that works the best for you. So, here are some tips from our experienced mover in Florida that will help you organize and carry the stress-free and budget-friendly relocation to Miami during the insanely hot summer.

ABA Moving Miami Advice

There is no doubt, you’ve got to plan the move in advance and book long distance moving companies 2-3 months ahead before the relocation date. This will ensure you’ll work with the best Miami movers out there who will diligently deliver your belongings to the destination on time.
However, what most people overlook is the weather itself. Get ready that the temperatures can get really high, so think of the ways to stay cool. This involves wearing lightweight, breathable, and light-colored clothes, using skin protection lotions, drinking a lot of water, and eating fresh fruits and veggies. Don’t forget to wear a cap or bandana to avoid sunstroke.

Customer Experience

When you hire an ABA Moving company to take care of your move during the peak season, be sure that you’ll get the best offer for a reasonable price. If you don’t believe us, check the estimated cost for your relocation using a free calculator.
Our team is wishing you to successfully perform the hassle-free move in the busy season! If you have any questions, you are free to reach us in any convenient way.