Jun 11, 2021
local moving

Whether you are planning to move your home or office, we are always ready to make the process as easy as possible. Our team of trained and experienced local Miami movers will handle any moving task at any stage of the moving process. In addition, we provide flexible Miami moving services and offer all types of local moving services.


We have many years of experience in local removals. We treat your belongings with care and ensure their safety when they move to a new home. In addition, we have all the necessary documents: license, insurance, and bonded. And also:

  • Free Quote – Get a free evaluation of our services to compare our services to other local Miami moving companies. But believe me, you won’t find a better combination of quality and price anywhere else.
  • Transparent prices – no hidden fees; we charge the exact amount in the offer (provided you don’t ask for additional services).
  • People trust us – over 10,000 satisfied customers have used our local Miami moving services over the past 20 years.


You are thrilled to bits as you move to the place of your dream — Miami. You are excited, enthusiastic, and happy.
But the reality hits hard when it comes to relocation because it appears to be more stressful than you thought. From planning the whole move and keeping all the tasks under your control to making an inventory of all your belongings, getting the packing materials, then safely packing all the items and loading them in the truck, you’ve got a lot of work. In addition, you are saying nothing about the legal side of the move when you have to arrange all the matters with old and new utility providers, lessors, and employers.
It already looks overwhelming. But when you deal with all the moving challenges in real life (a spoiler – things do not usually go the way they were initially planned), oh gosh, then even the most demanding relocation enthusiasts crack up.
But you can easily avoid the nightmare and ask companies in Miami, like ABA Moving, for help. Professional movers Miami will take care of the relocation process from the beginning to the last step so that you do not have any negative experiences during your move. The goal of Miami moving companies is to provide you with a team of skillful movers in Miami Fl to ensure you and your possessions get to a new place safe and sound without hassle and stress.


ABA moving company Miami Fl offers a full range of residential and commercial moving services. We can help you with:

  1. Local and long-distance moving
  2. Relocation planning
  3. Packing & packing material provisioning
  4. Piano and art moving
  5. Short-term and long-term storage services

Our local moving company Miami is customer-oriented, so we always put your desires, goals, budget, and time-frames first.


I was uncertain about my move to Miami up till the last moment. With the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to predict whether you’ll find a new job in a new place or not. I reached ABA Moving services Miami Fl 5 days before the move, and they did an excellent job. We can’t be more than grateful for their professional approach.

I had no time with the whole relocation thing at all. My five is carrying a baby, so I didn’t want her to deal with all the boxes and packing. So I hired a team of local Miami movers. They packed, loaded, and unloaded all our belongings. All items arrived safe and on time.

I was moving from Orlando to Miami, and my friends recommended me these guys. The whole moving thing went without a hitch, from packing to loading the truck. If you want to move to a new place fast and without any additional stress, I strongly recommend this Miami moving service.


If you do local moving with ABA Moving, you’ll be calmer. With a team of the best local movers in Miami, we’ll help you plan and organize your move so everything goes smoothly and you’re stress-free during your move.
We’ll keep your daily moves to a minimum, so we’ll be happy to handle all the tasks associated with moving, such as unpacking and packing your furniture. Our local Miami movers are ready to take on physically demanding and stressful jobs like loading heavy items. Regardless of your local moving needs, ABA Moving is always prepared to help you deliver a 5-star move that will exceed your expectations.