Miami moving services

Relocating to campus is a big thing. You are moving to a new town waving goodbye to your family and friends. From now on, you get responsibilities over your life, and mom will no longer make delicious breakfast for you.

No doubt, that’s a lot to handle. Especially when you’ve got to think of packing and taking your belongings to your dorm. But do not worry, we will make things less complicated for you. We won’t spare you from the anxiety of starting a new chapter in your life, but we will help you skip the negative experience during the college move.

6-8 Weeks Before the Move – Moving Checklist

Since there would be many things to take care of during the move, we recommend starting early to be sure you cover every aspect of your relocation in a timely manner. That is why we’ve prepared the checklist that would give you hints on how to arrange the prep period. It usually starts 6-8 months ahead of the move date.

Digitize Your Move

Your brain is not a machine to keep all the move-related data in mind. So we recommend creating a folder on Google Disc or Dropbox where you will be keeping all the quotes, receipts, records, and other files. The most significant advantage of these online storage systems is that you can access them from your phone and computer, which is really convenient.

Evaluate Your Moving Effort

Planning and carrying a move on your own is manageable, but you’ve got to consider the resources you’ve got. Will you have enough packing materials? Would you like to take all the stuff with you or you’ve got to find a storage space for some items? Would you be able to disassemble all furniture pieces by yourself? Would you be able to engage enough people to help you load the truck? If it feels like your available workforce won’t be enough, it’s better to consider moving companies in Miami Florida.

Set a Moving Budget

No matter whether you decide to handle the move by yourself or get assistance from professional Miami movers, you’ve got to figure out the appropriate relocation budget.

Just keep in mind that the move cost will depend on numerous factors like the size of your move and the range of services you order from local moving companies Miami. The deadline also plays a crucial role in defining the price, so the earlier you schedule the service of movers in Miami, the lower would be the final cost.

Also, mind that long distance movers Florida would charge more. Hiring long-distance Miami moving companies would cost around $5,000. At the same time, a local moving company Miami will charge about $1,000. But again, these are very rough figures, and you’d better check the rate with the movers.

TIP: I case you are moving for a job, make certain you’ve checked the company’s policy. Some organizations cover moving expenses.

Research Moving Companies Miami

Initiate the research process of the moving company as soon as you know you are moving. Ask your friends for a referral or use the Internet to locate movers in Miami fl near you. It would be reasonable to compare the services and prices of several companies.

It’s easy to get detailed information about your upcoming move with the ABA moving company. Get your free quote at our website, reach us over the phone or fill in the contact form if you want to clarify certain things regarding your relocation.

Take Care of Your School-Age Kids

First, engage your children in the conversations about the upcoming move so that this piece of news doesn’t catch them off guard at the last moment. Notify the school administration about your moving decision and start searching for a new establishment.

Make a List of Your Possessions

Create a full list of your possessions to have a better idea of the size of the move. You will definitely want to take the majority of items with you. But there might be things that would be redundant in a new household.
That is why we suggest dividing all your belongings into three categories:

  • UNNECESSARY – things you will want to sell, donate, recycle, or throw away.
  • STORE – items you will entrust to the storage service as you want to keep them for the future.
  • PACK – possessions you will take with you.

Book a Truck or Moving Company

No matter the volume of services you would like to outsource from Miami Florida movers, you should make sure the movers are available on a big move day. That is why once you carefully consider all the options, it’s time to book a team of professionals who would help you with the move.

Whether you are wondering how to transport fish long distances or are concerned with a Davie to Boca Raton move, the ABA moving company Miami is always at your disposal. We are available for early booking for all types of moves.

Start Collecting Moving Supplies

You will need a lot of packing materials to take all your belongings to a new place carefully. That is why it would be a smart decision to start collecting all the supplies in advance. Collect boxes from restaurants, grocery stores, local bookstores, or other places that can share them with you for free. Make sure you have enough newspapers, bubble wraps, tapes, markers for packing.

If you are uncertain whether you’ll be able to collect the required amount of packing supplies, visit your local ABA Miami movers to purchase boxes and other packing materials.

3-5 Weeks Before the Move

The previous period was more about planning. The next weeks will involve bringing those plans to life.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

You already have a list of things you want to keep, store, and get rid of. To do away with the useless items, arrange a garage sale, list them on marketplaces, donate them to local shelters, or recycle if they are in poor condition. It’s also time to book a storage facility for things you will pick later.

If you have no clue how to recycle bulky furniture, the ABA moving company Miami fl is here for you. We will pick and deliver items of any size to the closest recycling center or dispose of them in another eco-friendly way. Our company also provides secure storage services both for short and long periods.
Ask Friends to Help With a DIY Move
Once you decide to handle the move by yourself, it’s better to ask for help. You will need assistance with packing, loading the truck, cleaning the rooms, and other tasks. So, warn your friends that you will need their support.

Arrange the Move Out

If you are moving out of the rented property, you’ve got to inform the landlord about your decision at least a month before the move date. Get familiar with the apartment regulations in case you vacate the apartment or condo. Perhaps, you will need to reserve the parking place, elevator, or stairs.

Take care of the utility services as well. Check if all the bills are paid to the full. Besides, stop the service delivery the day after the move to ensure you can make use of electricity, water, the Internet on the move day.

Start Using Up Refrigerated Food and Pantry Items

If bringing the refrigerated food and pantry is not a part of your moving plan, then you should start using the products up before moving. If the amount of food is too impressive and your family won’t be able to finish it by the move day, we would recommend donating it to local food banks.

Time to Pack Less Used Items

Start packing in advance to avoid the hassle and chaos in your home. First, pack things that you currently do not use. There would be no harm in a pile of boxes, but you will have at least a certain amount of items packed before you proceed with putting essentials into boxes.

You should also think in advance about how you will be transporting the piano, fragile things, or expensive pieces of art. Cheap moving companies Miami are not the best choice for the delicate moving job, so you’d better refer to someone experienced like ABA movers. Our team is trained to deal with different objects, and we ensure everything will get to a new place exactly in the same condition it left your old home.

The Move Week

A lot is going to happen during the move week. However, when you are well prepared and know the range of your responsibilities, you will not be overwhelmed.

  • Clean your home for the next dwellers. Make repairs if needed as well.
  • Arrange for child or pet care for the move day to make certain your little ones are in safety.
  • Forward your medical records to a new doctor.
  • If you are moving locally, request a day off at work.
  • Pack the essentials. Do not forget to use labels to mark boxes.
  • Update address information with your bank.
  • Check the cut-off/activation dates for your cable, gas, electricity, water, and garbage.

On the Move Day

The moving prep has led you to this place. But you are ready to face the day and finally, do what you’ve been waiting for so long.

  • Protect the walls and floor during the move with special covers.
  • Make certain you mark what boxes should go first and last to the truck.
  • Do a final sweep of the house and make sure you do not leave anything behind.
  • Shut off water and turn off lights.
  • Close and lock the windows.
  • Take a picture of the apartment/house as you leave to have evidence in what condition you leave it (just in case).
  • Hand over the keys to the landlord.
  • Assure you have enough water or snacks at hand.

When you hire the ABA Miami moving company, you invest in a smooth and stress-free move day. From helping you plan the move to providing you with packing supplies and helping you unpack, we’ll cover any relocation needs to make sure you enjoy your new place.