Aug 22, 2021
Moving Company Services

It’s your first time you’ll be using moving services Miami fl. And of course, you have an intention to hire reliable moving companies in Miami Florida to take care of your relocation.
Without any doubt, this is a smart solution that would allow you to hand off the most intricate and stress-provoking assignments. But as beneficial as it can be, cheap movers Miami can easily drop it out. Besides, you heard some scary stories from your friends about their dreadful experience of hiring moving companies in Miami fl (and your friends will never tell you lies) and you are frustrated that their problems might hunt you out and turn your move into a mess.
So, you are in two minds. You are excited about the idea of delegating all or some of the most complicated tasks to the best moving companies Miami, but you are also taken aback by the idea that you might choose the wrong moving service provider and mess it up.
We encourage you to give the first idea a try and at least start looking for the best movers Miami. With that in mind, we have put out a guide for newbies that would give you a better vision of how not to get misled by moving companies in Miami and settle for the one that won’t let you down.

Get Recommendations from Different Sources

That’s just how our mind works. We tend to be more inclined to trust companies that have been recommended by someone we already know. This creates a sense of comfort and reliability and you feel more relaxed entrusting your precious possessions to the Miami Florida movers you see for the first time in your life.
That is why, just for the peace of your mind, ask your friends, colleagues, or other folks about their experience of hiring moving companies Miami. Ask for the name of the organization they were lucky or unlucky to work with. Grab information both about the positive and negative experience so that you could be able to make your own conclusions later.
Do not neglect a chance to run through Miami moving company reviews on the Internet. Browse through blogs, forums, social media, and other platforms that would enable you to gather more facts about Miami moving service providers.

Do an Initial Screening

When you have a list of recommended moving companies in Miami at hand, it’s time to make your own judgments. Most Miami Florida movers have their own websites these days, so it won’t be an issue to learn about the organization and its services more.
Just remember that this is your initial screening and you do not have to carefully study all the aspects of the company. Just glimpse at their website, take a look at their pricing policy, browse through the service range, and so on.
Get rid of the options that don’t look attractive after your engagement with the company’s website. Ideally, you should end up having a list of three companies. Otherwise, it would be harder for you to carry a more thorough evaluation.

Study the Service Range

All Miami moving companies are different and they offer various service packages to their clients. As a person who is looking for moving and storage Miami service, you’ve got to make sure that the company you are going to work with can address your relocation needs and comply with your requirements. Otherwise, you will sign a contract with the organization, pay money for their services, and will end up doing a lot of tasks by yourself.
For instance, ABA Moving delivers these basic services that are not limited by the options stated below. The greatest advantage of working with us is that you can always customize the offered position to meet your unique moving needs.

Local Move

Are you planning a move within a city? Perhaps you’ve found a better place in another city within Florida state? Then you will make use of local movers Miami. Our team will help you bring your possessions to a new place, even when it’s just around the corner.

Long-Distance Move

Are you forced to leave the state and move to another city that is located far away? Then you’d better look for movers Miami fl who specialize in long-distance relocation. The peculiarity of this move is that you cross the border of the state and might need special, federal authority. That’s why it is important to hire the best movers in Miami to arrange a long-distance move for you to ensure it runs smoothly.

Residential Move

When you are moving a household from one place to another, that might be the most complicated thing in your life. From packing your ancient grandma’s china to relocating a heavy kitchen unit, you definitely need extra hands to deal with that. ABA Moving company will gladly send the most qualified team of residential movers your way to help you with the move.

Business & Commercial Move

Would you like to upscale your business and need a new office to fit more people? Would you like to add more goods to your store and require a bigger premise for these purposes? Maybe you decided to downsize your organization and have found a place with a more friendly leasing policy? Either way, ABA Moving company will take on your corporate move to ensure you get to a new place with no or minimal downtime.

Storage Service

If you don’t have enough space in your new place for old stuff or your furniture doesn’t match the new interior, you don’t have to take those things with you. You can store them in the facilities of moving and storage West Palm Beach companies like ABA Moving till you decide what you can do with the stuff. Mind that there are short-term and long-term storage options. You can also keep corporate documents, equipment, or just anything within the walls of reliable storage premises.

Packing & Unpacking

If you have no time, skills, or tools for packing all the stuff, you can entrust this tiresome activity to professionals. This is a complicated process that requires a lot of organization skills as well as specific knowledge on how to carefully pack this or that thing. Mind that not all moving companies in Miami Florida offer this solution to their customers. At ABA Moving, we appreciate your time and respect the desire to let professionals take care of your stuff, so we have this service on our list. If you do not want to bother yourself with unpacking when all the boxes come to the destination, you can make use of the unpacking service as well.

Furniture Disassembly & Assembly

Do you have bulky furniture pieces that won’t go through the door or won’t fit the elevator? Then you’ve got to disassemble them by yourself or hire Miami movers who will do that for you. They have all the equipment at hand and will assemble your tricky wardrobe even when you have thrown away a manual.


If your furniture pieces have become worn out and you do not want to bring them to a new spot, you can send them for recycling. Besides, you can recycle boxes, old clothes, plastic, glass, and more. Some Miami moving services provide their clients with this service. So, if you have a lot of things that could be reworked, look for this service on the list.

Truck Loading & Unloading

You don’t have to handle all have liftings as there are specially trained folks who will easily cope with this challenge. Miami Florida movers will carry all the boxes, furniture pieces, and other objects out of your home and load them to the truck. This might require special equipment, so do not pamper yourself with the illusion that you workout and can do all the stuff by yourself. Spare your back and entrust this task to a qualified team.


Whether you are moving to the next street or another state, you need a huge vehicle to bring all your stuff from one place to another in one go. So, along with other moving services, the company you have an intention to work with should have a transportation service. Most companies have trucks of their own. If they don’t, they know where to rent them at an affordable price.

Check License and Insurance

You’ll want to make certain that the chosen movers are compliant. A proper license not only establishes a company’s legitimacy but may also protect you if you need to register a complaint or question your final payment later. It also guarantees that you will have a flawless intrastate long-distance move as some states require a license number with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and other agencies.
Check whether the moving company offers insurance for your move. It will ensure that even if an accident happens, you’ll get compensation for the lost or damaged items.

Need Professional Help with Your Move? We Are Here to Help You!

ABA Moving is a professional moving company helping families and businesses carry local and long-distance moves in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida.
We are a full-service moving company providing a wide range of services to meet your relocation needs. Whether you need someone experienced to plan your move or take the whole relocation process under their wing, you’ll get the desired level of support with us. Put your mind at ease and let our movers take care of everything! Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for your move.

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