Aug 21, 2021
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You created a moving schedule, carefully assessed what it will take you to carry the move by yourself and you realized one thing.
Oh gosh, you’ve got to deal with so much more than just packing all the stuff, loading the truck, and then repeating these things in a reversed sequence. There are so many aspects you’ve never thought about that the upcoming relocation is driving you nuts.
That is why you are considering hiring professional Miami movers from moving company Miami fl or day labor workers to help you with the move. You are trapped between these two options and are uncertain which one will work for you better.
Let us help you make the right choice! Stick with us and you’ll learn whether it’s worth it to hire moving labor to take on your move.

What Is Day Labor?

Day laborers are workers who are hired on a day-to-day basis, usually without a contract or any other guarantees. They are frequently involved in construction, light manufacturing, landscaping, moving, and other stuff. Day laborers can find work through a temporary day labor agency (or labor hall) or by waiting for an employer to arrive and recruit people as needed on a specified street.
Since there is no fixed price for their services and, most likely, you’ll be paying per hour of work, it would be great to find out the rate of the individuals you are considering.
They’re frequently hired by people who want to save money and have a desire to ensure as much flexibility as possible. But another side of the coin is that these workers might not be qualified enough to professionally take care of the move and might be lacking the equipment they need to perform the relocation tasks.
Day laborers will help you load and unload the truck, eliminating the need for you to do any hard lifting. However, mind that they won’t be able to properly take care of fragile and expensive things as they were not trained to become movers in Miami. Besides, they won’t provide you with a truck or drive it to a new place.
Thus, even when you decide to hire day laborers for your move, you won’t probably do without a professional local moving company Miami to take upon things day labor can’t do.

Do Day Labors Provide Professional Miami Moving Services?

Some day labor agencies might have trained movers Miami in their team. They are assigned to different orders, but when the relocation-related one arrives, they are more likely to go to the client’s home to help with the move.
But it’s rather an exception than the rule. Many employees of these organizations are trained for nothing. They might be intuitively doing the packing, moving objects, lifting heavy stuff, but they are not qualified to undertake peculiar moving tasks that require special skills and knowledge.
Besides, there is another aspect of hiring day laborers that is connected with the legal side of the matter. The insurance plans and licenses of the moving companies Miami will cover a full-time mover if an accident happens. A contract worker, on the other hand, is unlikely to be protected in the same way. Why should you bother about this? Let’s consider the situation.
Assume a worker is bringing a large piece of furniture down your stairs and slips. This individual has now been involved in an accident on your territory. They can initiate a personal injury case against you if they are not fully covered by workers’ compensation insurance. They will be demanding money for medical expenses and lost wages from you. Do you really want to get involved in this stressful and money-losing situation?

Do Day Labors Have Professional Equipment to Carry the Move?

Unlike the best moving companies in Miami that have all the professional tools to handle every single moving task, you will be in charge of providing the drill, hamster, packing materials, trolly, ropes, and other stuff the day laborers might need to deal with their job. Mind that day labor service won’t provide you with the truck, so finding the vehicle is going to be an additional headache.
Local moving companies Miami like ABA Moving will ensure you worry about nothing. You just specify the range of services you expect them to perform and that’s all. You can be busy with your own tasks knowing that you won’t be asked to provide an additional pair of gloves or requested to bring a specific screwdriver to disassemble the wardrobe. The company will take care of the tools they need to deliver the service you agreed on.

Advantages of Hiring Day Labors

As you see, there are some pros and cons of working with day labor agencies. Let us see how you win and lose when working with these organizations or individual workers during your move. We’ll start with the perks of day labor workers.

The Rate Might Entice You

It’s no surprise that the budget is one of the most important things during the move. If you are limited by the cash amount you are ready to invest in your move, day labor might be the best solution for you. Since they do less than a full-spectrum Miami moving service provider, they will also charge you less. But keep other expenses in mind. It might turn out that you lose in an attempt to save money.

They Are Flexible Workers

It really doesn’t matter what task you want them to take upon. They will agree on anything as they are paid per hour. Thus, you can ask your day labor assistant to pack some of the stuff, then bring the boxes to the truck, and load them to the vehicle. Miami moving companies will charge you per service and will do the part of the job you paid for.

You Get Full Control Over Your Move

Moving companies in Miami are busy and their movers are available within the timeframes you’ve booked them in advance. Thus, if it happens that you have to postpone the move for a few days because of legal or other issues, you probably won’t find free reliable moving companies to take care of your relocation. In this case, many people resort to day laborers who are flexible with their working schedules.

But There Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow

You should be well aware of all the nuances of hiring day laborers when you are planning to arrange a move. Here are a few things to consider that might assure you that this is not a great idea.

What About Insurance and License?

Specialized moving companies in Miami Florida are licensed and have insurance policies for their workers. Thus, if an accident happens and the mover gets injured, the case will be covered by insurance. This might not work for day laborers as no one takes responsibility for them but you. So, even when you consider the option of hiring this type of worker, check their insurance availability to protect yourself from nerve-wracking proceedings.

Your Personal Safety

When you invite Miami local movers from moving companies to enter your home and arrange a move, you work with people who have been neatly assessed and proved their professionalism and reliability. Thus, you can entrust your space to qualified workers who won’t do any harm to you or your property.
Day workers, on the other hand, are frequently hired for one-time jobs, with little time spent proving their trustworthiness. You have the right to know who is in your home, but if the company only hires temporary workers, they may not know anything about the people they send to your place.

The Potential Mistreatment of Your Property

If you are worried about the security of your belongings, you should go with a professional moving company with full-time staff who are trained to pack, move, assemble, and lift things of any difficulty, size, weight, or shape.
Day workers are unlikely to have the skills or training to properly treat, pack, load, and move your belongings. As a result, your possessions are at a higher risk of being damaged. Day labor movers might not be equipped with the information about which items to load into the truck first or last, how to load items so they all fit appropriately in the truck, and more. They might have no clue what items can be packed in boxes together and what materials to use to bring things to a new place undamaged.

Day Labors Are Not as Quick as Pro Movers

If you are pressed for time and the truck has already arrived at your place but the boxes haven’t been packed yet, don’t blame day laborers for that. They might not be as masterful at these activities as movers in Miami fl, so you should keep this fact in mind.

ABA Moving Company Is Proud to Have the Qualified Team of Movers

Some full-service cheap moving companies Miami hire day labor workers when they can’t cope with the flow of orders or on a regular basis to save money. As one of the best moving companies Miami, we do not let strangers enter our team.
We keep things run smoothly in our team and have trained and qualified movers who know how to do things right. Whether you would like us to move the piano or load the huge couch to the truck, we have the right people in our squad to take care of these things.
All our movers Florida are provided with insurance to protect you from any trouble when an accident happens within the walls of your home.
ABA Moving company is devoted to handling the moves of any complexity even within the shortest timeframes. If you need the qualified help, contact us today to get a free quote for our services.

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