Aug 21, 2021
Moving Your Business

Many CEOs and business owners associate relocation with chaos, mess, and the loss of productivity. Of course, business relocation will add a certain degree of inconvenience or even stress, but let’s stay on the positive side of your move. The greater time is ahead and all you’ve got is to put up with the changes and accept them with gratitude.
In this article, we’ll share tips that would enable you to stress out less and take control over the process of moving your organization to a new location.

Start as Soon as Your Business Requires

Many companies take too long to make a decision about the move. They love the place so much that they can’t even think of taking all their staff and possessions and going to a new building. But there are situations when you have to consider the move and provide your employees with better working conditions.
For example, you’ve waited too long if your workers are tripping over each other and can’t find a peaceful meeting spot to go over a critical contract with the strategic partner. Your warehouse can no longer store your inventory, so you keep some of the items in your office, right by your desk. If you find your business in this situation, you’ve probably missed the moment when you had to take responsibility and move.
But there is no such a thing as too late. You can admit your mistake and move forward.

Analyze Your Current Space

Consider all the advantages and flaws of the current location to make certain that you move to a better place.
Does the office have poor air ventilation? Is the kitchen too small to meet the needs of your staff? Are your clients not completely satisfied with the location? Are you losing new income opportunities because the facility doesn’t allow you to install new equipment to launch an additional line of goods? If you are troubled by these problems or have other issues you are not completely ok with, then there is no point in making the same mistakes. Look for a place that won’t bother you with these things.
Consider a new place from the perspective of development. Will it enable you to grow when you decide to upscale your business soon? Two moves in a row can squeeze you out, so overlook this aspect as well.

Set a Budget

Make a budget for your real estate needs. The quantity of money you have available is perhaps the most crucial consideration when limiting down your choices.
Make sure your organization is prepared to pay for all Miami moving services in addition to the monthly payments. This could include hiring a local moving company Miami fl, purchasing moving supplies, and arranging for storage. Before you relocate, work up a budget with your Miami moving company.

Consider Leasing Options

If you wish to rent office space, you should thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the commercial lease before signing it. Examine all possible leasing choices available to you with each landlord. Many landlords prefer to sign leases that are for a longer period of time (a 3-year lease, for example). Before signing a lease, make sure you understand the timeline.
Consider accessibility for clients and suppliers, parking and public transportation, shipping and receiving convenience, neighboring services, zoning difficulties, and capacity to grow when choosing a location. You should also keep the size of your business in mind.

Hire Qualified Movers Florida

Do you need to relocate office equipment and furniture? To transport all of your stuff safely, you’ll need a team of experienced movers like ABA Moving. Our best moving company in Miami will handle everything from office desks and chairs to conference room tables and enormous copy machines. The Miami local movers from our company will carry the move of your warehouse, complex equipment, and other things an ordinary person will never take upon.

Gather a Team

The next step is to build a team to assist you with your relocation. The team can be made up of supervisors or managers from several departments who will ensure that everything runs well and that everyone does their part. Run regular meetings to check up if everyone is on track and that tasks are being completed on schedule.
In addition to a timeline, make a checklist to help you figure out what else has to be done. It would eliminate the guesswork and you will be moving forward according to the plan without stress and chaos.

Take Care of Additional Furniture and Devices

Examine the new space to see if new office furniture or equipment is required. You may want to order these things ahead of time because they can take several weeks or months to arrive.

Define What to Do with the Stuff You Do Not Need

If you are planning to downsize your business or just want to update your old worn-out furniture pieces, you’ve got to think of ways to toss them out.
You can recycle furniture pieces or sell them to other businesses. There is also an option of keeping the items like documentation, equipment, or others in the storage facilities to minimize the space you will occupy in a new place. Ask your provider of moving and storage Miami fl about the storage options.

Coordinate the move with IT support

We are all tied to tech devices at work. Taking care of the technical side of the move will ensure your employees will be able to get to work without delay.
If your IT infrastructure relies on servers, inform your IT department or your MSP provider that you are moving and you want them to take care of the equipment. They will also ensure that all the gadgets are connected in a new place to ensure business continuity.

Make the Floor Plan Before You Move

Making a floor plan before you move will help you avoid office confusion once you’ve settled in. Take measurements of your new place so you know how much room you have. Plan out where each desk will go and who will sit at it. Other office furniture, such as your boardroom table and сopy machine, should be marked so that your Miami movers know where to put them. Consider where power outlets, Internet, and phone jacks are located so that all equipment is close to the essential connection points.

Give Your Employees and Clients a Heads-On About the Relocation

Avoid shocking your employees and coworkers by relocating the office. Instead, inform them ahead of time that the organization is looking for new office space. Giving employees advance notice about the company’s plans will make them feel related to the future while also allowing them to make their own plans.
And don’t forget about your precious customers. Inform them about the planned move as you see them. Consider making an official announcement about your future intentions on social media and a website to avoid any confusion.

Reserve the building elevator

This step frequently gets overlooked, but as one of the most experienced local moving companies Miami we would recommend you to take care of this step.
Movers in Miami Fl frequently charge per hour, so just imagine how much you will overpay for the team to be waiting in line to use the elevator and doing nothing.

Update Your Brand Items

Depending on your industry, well-designed and functional signage can significantly improve your company’s exposure. It’s possible that you’ll need to order new signage before relocating to new business space.
If your company’s brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials still carry the old address, make sure to change them as quickly as possible. The last thing you want on your branded printed materials is your outdated address. This could not only make your company appear inept, but it could also bewilder customers and clients as they will be getting to the wrong place.
Also, update the contact information at your website, social media profiles, and other means of digital communication with your clients.

Inform Other Official Establishments or Individuals

There is a great number of institutions and official representatives you’ve got to keep updated with about your move:

  • post office;
  • bank;
  • IRS;
  • registered agent;
  • insurance carrier;
  • Employment Development Department;
  • the Secretary of State.

Update Your Vendor with a New Address

Update Your Vendor with a New Address
You should also notify your vendors about your relocation. They will be able to update your shipping and billing addresses in their systems. Any vendor deliveries that may conflict with your move date should be rescheduled.

You now know how to organize your business move, so let’s do it! Do not entrust the success of your relocation and further implementation of business operations to cheap moving companies Miami. ABA Moving is a team of highly skilled movers in Miami, so we will take care of your move from A to Z with utmost professionalism. Contact us today to get a free quote for your business move.

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