Downsizing When Moving

We bet that every item in your home has a story. The carpet in the living room reminds you of the precious moment when your kid had lost his first baby tooth as he was escaping your dog. Your baby had just fallen and here it is. His little tooth appeared in his little hand. The memories melt your heart and you live through every moment over and over again, even though it will never ever happen again.
The idea of getting rid of your old stuff breaks your heart, but sometimes you just don’t have another option. You are moving to a much smaller home and there is no room for all the possessions in a new place.
Apart from the nostalgic emotions, there are other challenges of downsizing your household. Perhaps, you just have no idea how to clear out space and what to do with the items you will never need in your life. Maybe you are having a hard time defining what things you will need and which should never appear in your new home.
As a seasoned moving company Miami fl, we’ve lived through these challenges thousands of times and we have worked out our own strategy that would enable you to minimize the number of items you will take with you to your new place.

Make Inventory of All Stuff

We assume that you will want to skip this step since it’s time-consuming and looks odd for many folks who are planning a move. After all, you are well aware of all the items you have in your place and can’t grasp why you should waste time making the long list of your possessions.
If we weren’t one of the most experienced moving companies Miami, we would agree with you. But we’ve organized thousands of moves, so let us prove the opposite.
When you have an inventory of all the items in your home, you are able to think critically about each position. You can think of every thing from the practical standpoint and define whether you will use it or not. Thus, you will be able to make up your mind if you need the stuff in a new place. Besides, it will enable you to make notes and organize possessions using colorful markers to easily spot things that you’ve got to take or leave.

Make a List Room by Room

If you’ve ever worked with our local moving company Miami, you know from your own experience that we have a thing about organization. That is why all the processes we take on are neatly structured and well-organized, even when it comes to creating an inventory of your possessions.
That is why we recommend you consider the belongings room by room. Start with the one you do not use frequently like the guest room. Then advance to the one that is the center of your home – a dining room or living room.
Keep different files for different rooms to be able to have easier access to the list.

Consider if Old Things Will Fit Your New Home

This step will significantly simplify the downsizing thing for you as you’ll be ought to get rid of things that simply don’t fit your new place.
Think of the parameters of the items before you make a decision. Will your huge corner couch fit a tiny living room? Is there a place for the chest of drawers in the hall? Do you really need a carpet for stairs in a single-story house or apartment? If these or other things will look ridiculously bulky in a new dwelling or won’t even go through the door, just get rid of them.
Besides, you’ve got to consider the style, colors, and forms of old belongings. Neon green curtains won’t look great with pink walls in the kid’s room, so it’s better to give up on the idea of taking them with you. Reconsider all the things that might spoil the look of a new place and if they don’t fit, make the right decision.

Create Categories for All the Items

Of course, you can rely on the power of your mind but admit it. You are not a computer to process billions of operations per second. And you don’t have to as you can grasp the nuggets of wisdom from the best moving companies in Miami.
We encourage you not to keep all the moving-related data in your mind. Instead, make use of your own notes that would ensure you do not mess things up.
As you have a full list of your items ready, it’s time to break them into categories. We would recommend you to have the following categories:

  • keep – for all the things you will take with you;
  • donate – items you do not need and are ready to give for free;
  • recycle – stuff you want to get rid of in an eco-friendly way;
  • sell – belongings that are capable of bringing you extra cash.

By the way, there is also an option to store the stuff in the facilities of moving and storage services Miami like ABA Moving. There are different storage options like short-term or long-term, documents and expensive stuff or bulky pieces of furniture. You can store anything for any period of time. So, if you are planning to take this step, add this category to your list.

Have Someone Impartial by Your Side

You have a lot of sentiments about the stuff you used in your home. But you’ve got to say goodbye to old stuff to let new amazing things enter your life. If you have a bag of old kid’s clothes as a reminder that your 6.5 ft high Jonny was once as big as a doll, perhaps it’s time to let the memories go and enjoy the present moment.
Ask your friend or less emotionally attached family member to help you make the right decisions about the things you do not use but have huge sentiments for.

Do Away with Duplicates

Sometimes we all get fanatical when it comes to getting another silicone mold for muffins, an extra set of glasses, or a more powerful electric drill.
If you are using only one item from the variety of other duplicates, perhaps, it’s time to ditch the stuff that is piling on the shelf. Go with the item you use more frequently or the one that has better characteristics.

Digitize Photos, Video Records, or Documents

We tend to keep old photos of people we love. Funny family videos packed with precious moments. We also keep bills and other paperwork just in case.
There is no denying that those are vital things and you should never toss them out of your life. But you can at least digitize the greater part of them to save the storage space. In this way, you will bring all the memories to a new place and will always have them in your heart and computer.

Ask Miami Moving Companies to Help You

If it sounds like rocket science to you and you can’t arrange the decluttering thing by yourself, ABA moving company Miami is at your disposal. We will help you downsize your move and bring only the essential things with you.
Our movers miami are also trained to perform other relocation-related tasks like packing, moving heavy objects, loading the truck, etc. Our team will handle even bulky and fragile things so that everything arrives at a new place in pristine condition. We are a licensed Miami moving company, so are qualified to perform both local and long-distance intrastate moves. Our warranty covers the damage or loss cases in case anything happens to your stuff.
ABA Moving will provide you with professional movers Miami who will take on your downsizing and relocation to ensure you are absolutely stress-free. With our moving services Miami, you’ll understand that relocation is not chaos, a nightmare, and a disaster. You’ll have a brilliant and flawless experience and will enter a new stage of your life with positive emotions and excitement.

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