Jan 05, 2022
Move to Miami

Are you thinking of moving from the Big Apple to the Magic City? A good choice! Miami has coined a lot of advantages for those New Yorkers who don’t want to sacrifice the merits of urban life but would like to be surrounded by more breathtaking landscapes.

Why you’ll love living in Miami

If you are sick and tired of freezing-cold winters, pricey rent, and the insanely hectic lifestyle of New York, Miami will become a perfect place for you to call home.

Miami will entice you with its beautiful landscapes, warm weather, and much more. Just take a look at what this megapolis has prepared for you:

  • Cheaper living: Miami is definitely not the cheapest city, but it’s more affordable than NYC.
  • Warm weather: With over 200 sunny days in the year and warm winters, you will enjoy your new location.
  • Laid-back lifestyle: New Yorkers are notorious for working long hours. The same couldn’t be said about Miami dwellers – they have a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • Fascinating beaches: The coastline that stretches for 7 miles and boasts the glistening white sand and blue waters is another significant advantage of Miami.
  • Cultural diversity: Miami is a melting pot where diverse cultures feel like home.
  • Great job opportunities: This city is a hub for many businesses that provide lucrative job opportunities in various industries.

How do you move from NYC to Miami?

As you move from New York to Miami, you don’t have the luxury to make multiple trips back and forth. Thus, you’ve got to ensure that the relocation is thoroughly planned to avoid additional spendings and troubles.

Estimate your own effort and engagement level

A move is a time-consuming and stressful thing, so think of how to make it as smooth as possible by evaluating what you can do and what is out of your power.

Objectively think of the things you will be able to handle by yourself and which will require assistance. Also, consider whether you will need a storage facility for the items you would like to keep but can’t take with you for some reason. Do you have enough packing supplies, or will you need to get some? You’ve got to consider this as well.

Define a moving budget

The cost of relocating from New York to Miami will depend on the size of your move and the date. But get ready that it won’t be a cheap endeavor due to the distance.

When you know your budget, you can make more informed decisions about what moving company you can hire and what service range you can order.

Find a long-distance moving company

A long-distance move is different from a local one due to various regulations the carriers have to comply with. Thus, the moving company should have a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and hold a USDOT number. This will ensure your possessions safely make it from New York to Miami.

You can start picking the moving companies long before you know the move date. In this way, you will weigh down all the pros and cons of every moving service provider, compare their prices, and check the service quality.

As a local and long-distance moving company, Miami movers will provide you with exceptional relocation service, both for commercial and residential moves. We are licensed to carry intra-state moves all over the USA, so we will come to NYC and pick your belongings. You are very welcome to check our prices by requesting a free quote.

Don’t forget to schedule the move from New York to Miami with the selected moving company as soon as you know the move date. This will save you some dollars and ensure you are free to work with the best moving team out there.

Get your kids prepared for the move

Inform your children that your family is relocating to a new place. After all, you do not want them to be caught off-guard on the move day. Also, notify the school administration that your kids will be leaving. Do not forget to find a new educational establishment in Miami. Luckily, there are no issues with that as the city has plenty of great schools and kindergartens for the children to attend.

Make a list of items

Create a list of all belongings to have a better idea of the size of the move. We recommend making a room-by-room list and splitting the possessions into groups:

  • Pack – items you will take with you to a new place.
  • Store – things you do not want to sell or throw away, but you can’t take them with you.
  • Get rid of – stuff you do not need at all. You can sell, donate, or throw these things away.

Collect moving supplies

You’ve probably downsized your move during the previous step and now have a clear idea of what possessions you will need to pack. So it’s high time to start collecting the moving supplies that would allow you to deliver your belongings from New York to Miami safely.

You will need a lot of boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic bags, markers, stickers, tapes, newspapers, and more. If you are handling the move by yourself and would like to order a moving truck only, you’ve got to take care of dollies, ropes, protective covers for furniture and walls, and much more.

With ABA Movers, you do not have to take care of that stuff. We will provide you with the packing essentials, help you pack your items, and load them in the truck.

Arrange the move out

Let your landlord know that you are moving out at least a month before the move date. Do not forget to get familiar with the move-out apartment regulations and rules. Maybe you will need to reserve a parking place, elevator, or stairs.

Arrange the utility service delivery in Miami and schedule when electricity, water, and the Internet should be stopped in your New York apartment.

Move from New York to Miami without any stress

Planning and carrying a long-distance move from New York to Miami can eat a lot of your time, money, and nerves. But there is a shortcut that would help you feel absolutely stress-free during the hectic period of relocation.

With over 15 years of moving experience, the ABA Moving company has gained a reputation as a robust and reliable moving service provider. Whether you would like us to carry the move from A to Z or order a specific set of services, we are always here at your disposal to meet your moving needs. We offer fair prices for premium-quality services that exceed your expectations. Our movers are skilled at moving various types of objects, from fragile glass to precious artworks and bulky pianos. ABA Moving is also licensed to carry your stuff for long distances like from New York to Miami, so you are legally protected with us.

Get a free quote and learn how the ABA Moving company can cover your moving needs.

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