If you are moving with your family, it can be quite an ordeal. Not only will you have to prepare and organize everything more diligently and on a bigger scale, but your children will likely be feeling pretty shaken up.

So, along with packing and organizing the move from A to Z, you also have to support your kids and show that a move is an exciting experience that means new opportunities.

It might sound like a tall order and feels like a lot of work. But with some knowledge and preparation ahead of time, you will live through this period relatively unscathed.

As a company with a huge experience in arranging family moves, ABA Moving gladly provides handy tips that would allow all family members to feel at ease while transitioning to a new life.

Raise the move question with your kids

You should be honest with your kids and tell them about the moving plans. But you’ve got to be very careful since children and teenagers might be more stressed about the relocation than you could think.

This is associated with the fact that kids might relate the move to the loss of security and stability. So, you’ve got to assure them that even though they will have a new home, family-related things will never change. You will still be a family and will always be available for them.

Give the outlet for the feelings

A move can be hard on kids and other family members. Even though some might find the relocation fascinating and exciting, others can be scared, frustrated, and uncomfortable. New place, new people, new routine… All the changes can awaken anxiety and fear, especially in kids who crave stability.

So, even if you believe that some of the family members overreact, do not be judgemental. Give space for any emotions – good or bad – and let them know that their feelings are natural. Explain that you understand their feelings and are always ready to hear them out.

Plan in advance

There is no doubt that packing and doing other move-related stuff at the last moment kills laziness and procrastination, but this is not the best moving strategy for the family.

To avoid the hassle and chaos during the transition period, it is better to have a well-scheduled plan and stick to it. This will give you and other family members a sense of stability.

Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to talk through the procedure and communicate along the way if you plan ahead. It also assists children in adapting to the idea of living in a new home soon.

Make a visit to your new neighborhood

Fear before the unknown is natural and innate for all humans. The move involves stepping into a new life, and the kids might feel frustrated because they would have no idea of how their life would be, whether they would be able to make friends there, and if the new home would be as cozy as this one.

You can easily help them feel better by arranging a family visit to a new place. Walk through the new house or apartment, stroll around the neighborhood, check out local parks, cafes, and so on. This will allow your kids to see what their life would be like. Thus, they will be more relaxed about the upcoming move. Perhaps, they would give up on their stress-based mood and switch their emotions to excitement.

Involve your children in the moving process

As a parent, you want to protect your kids from stress, and thus you do not get your kids involved in the process. But this is a big mistake as it makes them feel disconnected and completely powerless.

Of course, it is not a good idea to ask your 5-year-old kid to pack ancient china, but you can think of age-appropriate responsibilities that would keep the child busy and make them feel attached and committed. For example, you can ask them to pack all the toys or label the boxes.

Pack the essential box

Have the box with essential items at hand if you would like to make a move easier on your family. Pack things you use on a daily basis and make them readily accessible so you can locate them when you arrive at your destination. Keep comfort items, such as a beloved toy, blanket, or food at hand to help your dearest ones feel at ease at a new spot.

Delegate responsibilities that make you feel stressed and unhappy

Kids are sensitive to our moods. So if you feel nervous or unhappy during the move, they would quickly understand that something is wrong and this would shatter their confidence and sense of stability.

If particular tasks make you feel miserable, just ask the professionals to do the job istead of you. If you do not want to pack the kitchen utensils, hire the ABA Moving experts to deal with the pots, plates, glasses, and other appliances. Our qualified movers will ensure your relocation is stress-free and all family members are happy and feel secure.

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