As you’ve dcided to move to a rental house, apartment, or condo, there are many things you’ve got to consider. Your choice will define whether you will be able to feel like home in a new place and would have an unforgettable experience there.

We’ve put together some of the tips that would help you pick the rental property that would meet your needs and ensure years of comfort.

What you may need before applying to rent a property

If you are a first-time renter, we suggest you meet the property manager to know what is required to secure the lease. Even if you do not have a rental history, this is not the end of the world. There are plenty of ways to strengthen your application. For example, by providing certain documents like:

Reference from your boss or another staff member – to act as proof that you are responsible, neat, and reliable.

  • Verification of your employment and income – to prove that you can handle the rental expenses.
  • Reference from a neighbor from the previous place of living – to testify to what type of a person you are with your property.
  • A recent utility bill – to provide evidence that you are diligent and there would be no problems with paying for utility services.

Having these documents at hand will increase your chances of getting approval for your application, even if you have never rented a property before.

A newbie to renting? Then figure out your needs

Even though this step looks so straightforward and evident, yet many novice renters fail to carefully think over what they need. As a result, they are confused with the options when it comes to finding a new home. So, here is what the experienced ABA Moving team would recommend you to think about.

At first, define your priorities and set apart things that must be in a rental property. Also, create a list of nice-to-have things, which you would be glad to have, but will easily tolerate their absence.

Also, ask yourself:

  • How many rooms would you like to have?
  • Do you need car spaces and how many?
  • Should the property be kid- and pet-friendly?
  • What location would you like to live in?

If you have any preferences in terms of space arrangement (like huge windows, big dining table, outdoor area for kids, etc.), add them to the list.

Inspect the property carefully

Another obvious tip, you might think. But if only you knew how many people find the property online, look at the images, and drive conclusions based on the images without physical inspection. Sometimes luck is on their side, but in other cases…

Of course, you might have a busy schedule since you’ve got to work and think of the move but find some time for visiting the property you find appealing.

There is a great advantage in wandering from one house or apartment to another. You’ll be able to see how you will feel in this or that rental property and whether it will give you a sense of comfort and warmth.

But that’s not all. You should focus on other more earthy things like:

  • Check the walls, floor, carpets for damage;
  • Ensure the switches, windows, lights work properly;
  • Inspect the thermostat and HVAC system for flawless operation;
  • Make sure safety equipment like smoke detectors are ok;
  • Consider if the faucets, sink, and the toilet work;
  • Check kitchen appliances like the fridge, stove, sink are in good condition.

Don’t forget to inspect the rental property for pests like bedbugs or cockroaches. You won’t like the company of these roommates, so look for the signs of them during the walkthrough.

Before you sign agreements and bonds

As you’ve inspected dozens of rental properties, you might be tempted to quickly sign all the papers and forget about this experience once and for all. At least, before the next move to a rental property.

But wait. Do not make rash decisions. Here is how to avoid mistakes that might cost you good money.

Know what you are paying for

As you sign up for the lease, there is a list of fees you’ve got to pay. This may include security deposits, monthly rent payments in advance, or paying for additional appliances. So talk to your landlord and go over every single cost expected of you.

Have questions? Ask them

It’s a bad idea to sign your lease if you are not certain about some aspects of the rent. So ask your landlord about any unclear things in the contract, facilities, or just leasing during the meeting.

Get renter’s insurance

The renter’s insurance is a must for everyone who wants to get their peace of mind when living in a house or apartment owned by someone else. In this way, you will get compensation in unfortunate instances like fire, flood, or break-in.

What documents you should sign

When you decide on the property and you are approved by the landlord, get ready to fill in the number of documents:

  • The residential tenancy agreement;
  • The bond lodgement form;
  • The condition report.

You will have to read and sign them. Besides, you will get a receipt for the initial rent amount, lease fees, bond, a copy of keys, remote controls, and contact details for emergency cases.

Move in following the regulations of the apartment complex or neighborhood

When all the formalities are in the past, it’s time to finally move in. But again, this step should not be taken lightly. Apart from arranging the move, you’ve got to make sure you follow the regulations that are legitimate in the apartment complex or neighborhood.

If you feel like there is too much in packing, unpacking, booking elevators, parking slots, and thinking of the rules, entrust this to the professional ABA Moving company. We will help you move within Florida state and outside its boundaries. Our movers are qualified to carry any type of move and handle all object types. Request a free quote today to get the best price for your move.

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