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You nailed the hardest part – made up your mind to international move. Even when you feel enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming event, we all know that this life-changing step might frighten you a little bit.

One of the things that scare you might be the move itself. Luckily, you’ve come across this article, so no worries. The international move isn’t going as frightening as you think as you make it till the end.

So, as a Miami moving company specializing in various types of moves, we’ve put together the handiest tips to help you live through the move abroad.

Get to know what you can bring with you

Of course, you love everything about your home and would have taken everything with you if you had a chance. But unfortunately, that’s impossible. And the problem is not in the physical ability to pack and transport all possessions. Customs might not allow you to relocate certain things overseas.

So, the first step in your international move agenda is to clarify what you are allowed and prohibited to take with you. Check customs information for your destination country. Also, mind the quantity. Customs officials might let a couple of household cleansers slide, but not a couple of cases (this can be treated as a commercial import).

In addition to Customs restrictions, consider the compatibility of electronics and household appliances with electrical outlets. For example, your relatively new vacuum cleaner might not work in a new country due to different types of outlet plugs).

Simplify your move

It sounds tempting to pack the entire household and bring eight boxes of the winter wardrobe with you (especially when moving to warm countries like Italy). But let’s be honest. You might not need all those items at a new place. And even when you will, it may be much cheaper to buy that stuff at your new place rather than arranging its transportation.

So, downsize your household and pack only the essential things. It might be hard to say goodbye to the set of pots (a gift from your hubby on the 2nd wedding anniversary) you’ve never used, but leave all sentiments aside. Every additional item means more dollars spent on transportation.

Consider storage or loaning items to your friends

If the set of pots is something you can’t give away or sell, you can always store them in the local storage facility. If you are moving from Miami, ABA Movers will gladly provide you with a reliable and affordable storage place for any period of time.

You can also negotiate loans for certain possessions if your friends need them. This is a win-win solution: you save on transportation and keep the precious item, while your friends close their need for the thing. You will be able to get it back as you come back or ask to send it later when the right time comes.

Check customs fees

One of the greatest things about living in the USA is that shipping and receiving parcels around the country can be relatively inexpensive. But once you decide to haul packages internationally, you might encounter customs charges, which may be pricey. That’s why check the customs fees first before you decide how to ship your possessions to your new home.

Also, as you are traveling by plane, you’ll probably pack an insanely giant suitcase with you. After all, you will need some clothes and other essential stuff for the first time. But excess luggage can involve paying extra fees, which can be pretty high.

Define the international move budget

Moving abroad is not going to be cheap, so plan your relocation ahead to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Accept the old advice proved by hundred of movers – the rule of six months. Start comparing the quotes of shipping companies ahead. There are hundreds of shipping companies delivering global moving services, so it’s important to consider their rates before you settle for the most optimal choice for you in terms of money and service quality. Early booking will spare you from unnecessary spendings, so reach the selected carrier as soon as you know the date of the move.

Also, research the exchange rate and the cost of living in the country you are going. Set a survival budget plan that would allow you to live conveniently in a new country within a month (or even more, depending on the situation). Plan some budget for unanticipated expenses as well.

Define the most optimal shipping method

There are many ways to haul your possessions overseas: mail, land freight, air freight, and sea freight.

Unless you are moving to Canada or Mexico, it makes no sense to opt for land freight. As you are moving across the ocean, you can consider air and sea freight options.

Air is by far the fastest yet most expensive transportation method. It is actually 12-16 times more expensive than sea freight. Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry, air freight might be your only option.

For non-time-sensitive situations, you will benefit from delivering your stuff via container ships. It might take around a month for a shipping company to the destination over the sea, but you will save some serious money.

Prepare your pets for the move

If you have a pet and would like to take it with you, there are a few things you’ve got to consider.

First, you’ll be able to take it with you in case it is healthy and doesn’t have any diseases. Arrange a meeting with your vet and explain the situation. You’ll need to get a blood test approved by the country you are moving it.

Also, your four-pawed friend should be vaccinated. This should be testified with the document, which is eligible in the country you are relocating. Don’t forget to treat your pal for ticks and tapeworms at least 24 hours prior to the international move.

If you fail to do the paperwork and vaccinate your furry friend, you risk parting way with your beloved pet.

Hire experts to help you handle the move

Do you already feel confused and have no clue where to start? Hire professional movers with a great record track of international moves like the ABA Moving company.

With the experience in arranging international moves, we will save you from major headaches and hassle. We’ll share our piece of advice on the best shipping method exclusively for your situation, support you in the shift, and even help you pack your possessions so that they safely make it to your new home.

Does it sound tempting? Then wait no more minute. Get a free estimate and book our best movers to help you in your international move.

Request a free quote to have an idea about the cost of your long-distance move with the ABA Moving team.

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