Jan 13, 2022
Long Distance Moving

A long-distance move is a big thing. Along with covering a few hundreds of miles, there might be some hurdles and obstacles along the way.

So, no matter the size, a long-distance move involves accurate planning, attention to detail, smooth time coordination, and, in most cases, qualified assistance. When these things come together, you are destined to have a stress-free and flawless relocation to another state.

But it sounds easier than it is. In fact, setting out a plan, coordinating the move-related tasks, and doing other stuff is more challenging than you can imagine.

Thus, we’ve brought together the pieces of wisdom of our professional movers specializing in long-distance relocation to give you peace of mind on your pre-move and move days.

Pick the right date for your long-term move

A long-distance move is a tricky thing due to its cost and some roadblocks like traffic, the lack of parking slots, and soon. That is why defining the right date for your relocation can define its success. Here are a few recommendations that would help you schedule your move.

  • Holiday-free week: national holidays, school breaks, and official days off are the worst days for the move. Movers are extremely busy these days, and the cost of the move can be insanely high. If there is a chance to plan the move in advance in the holiday-free period, you’d better schedule your move on those days to avoid the rush and extra expenses.
  • Busy moving season: late spring and early fall is the busy moving period due to numerous reasons. However, we would recommend avoiding this season if you would like to save money on truck rental and hiring professional movers.
  • Assistance availability: if you are planning to carry a DIY long-distance move, you’ve got to make sure your friends, relatives, or any other arranged individuals can make it on the scheduled date. If you hire Miami movers, always check their availability before you start handling other move-related stuff.

Create a timeline of all moving tasks

A long-distance move can be a disaster if you do not set adequate timelines for your moving tasks. To make things easier, break down the list of activities into several sections:

  1. 2 months before the move
  2. A month before the move
  3. 3 weeks before the move
  4. 2 weeks before the move
  5. 1 week before the move
  6. 1 day before the move
  7. Moving day

This will help you keep the relocation activities under control, and you will be confident that you manage to cover all the things that are important for your peace of mind.

Use color-coded labels

You already know that labeling boxes is a good thing. This helps you load the vehicle and unpack it as you arrive at your new home.

While most people use white labels (which still work great), color-coded ones might take your move and unpacking experience to a new level. They allow you to immediately sort the boxes, get them to the right room, and unpack faster.

Downsize your move to save money

A long-distance move is not cheap, but there is a great way to save some bucks – downsize your household. Most companies take the size of the move into account when defining the final cost, so fewer items mean less money to pay.

So, carefully think of every item in your household and get rid of the stuff you do not necessarily have to take with you. You can donate, sell, or just throw away the redundant items that won’t fit your new home.

Start collecting packing supplies in advance

You will need a lot of packing supplies during a long-distance move, so you should start collecting them as soon as possible. You will have to buy some stuff like plastic bags, bubble wrap, stickers, tape, moving blankets, stickers, and more. But you can save some money on getting boxes from grocery stores for free. Most likely, they won’t be able to give away the right amount of boxes you need to safely pack all your possessions, so you’d want to visit them from time to time and ask for free boxes of different sizes.

If you don’t have enough time to get all the boxes, that’s no big deal. The ABA Moving company in Miami will provide you with the essential packing materials.

Don’t forget about the moving insurance

Even if you pack your items carefully, you never know what is waiting for your possessions on the road. So, it would be a smart decision to check what your home insurance covers in terms of the move. If you are handling a DIY move, perhaps, you will need to get additional insurance, especially for valuable items.

If you are relocating with a company licensed for long-distance moves, they will probably provide you with basic insurance. It involves the fixed compensation for lost or damaged items per pound. If you transport high-value articles, it’s better to purchase additional insurance.

Take care of updating documents

Updating documents is one of the biggest headaches of a long-distance move. You’ve got to update your address in numerous places like banks, utility service providers, kids’ schools, and more.

Besides, you may need to change the driver’s license, registration, and other essential documents. So, plan these updates ahead to avoid any issues with important documents.

Label boxes with your name

There is a chance that your boxes will be carried in the truck along with the belongings of other families.

To prevent the boxes from getting mixed up or being dropped off a the wrong location, label every box with your name. Make it visible to avoid any confusion.

To make certain you will get your items in case they got delivered to the wrong place, you can also specify your cell number.

Keep the delivery window in mind

As you pack your items, it is better to prioritize them and grab the essential stuff with you. Get several essential boxes that would include all the items your family won’t do without.

The thing is that there is a delivery window that might be from several days to weeks after you arrive at a new spot. Thus, you will have to think of what you would do without the possessions you put in the truck for at least several weeks.

So, if there is a chance, grab the essential boxes with you to spare yourself from the stress during the first days of staying in your new home.

Be aware of your move-in situation

You’ve got to be prepared when the big move day comes. At first, check if you stick to the rules and regulations in your neighborhood or apartment complex. Clarify whether you’ve got to reserve stairs or a freight elevator if you are moving into the apartment.

Research your new neighborhood and figure out its parking regulations. You will also want to make certain that there is room for the truck to park. If the parking spot is located too far from your new home, the movers might charge an extra free.

To avoid any cost-related surprises, it would be beneficial to ask your moving service provider about the potential fees

Triple-check your possessions before the movers leave

When you work with ABA movers, we carefully check your belongings according to the inventory before you sign the delivery report and we leave. But some movers might not be as diligent as our team, so it’s better to look through all the stuff the carrier brought to a new home. Check if all boxes arrived to spot any losses immediately.

Wrapping it up

No doubt, these moving hacks will significantly simplify your long-distance moving experience. However, this might still be complicated for many families.

To save yourself from the stress and headaches of the long-distance move, it’s better to hire professionals who would easily handle your relocation.

As an experienced moving company, ABA Moving specializes in long-distance moves. Whether you would like to bring your household from South Florida to New York, Oregon, or any other city in the USA, we have you covered. Our company is licensed to carry long-distance moves, which means that we provide services within the law and strictly comply with the regulations of the states we transit through.

The ABA Moving company provides a wide range of services, from packing supplies provisioning to packing, unpacking, and storing your items in our facilities. No matter what range of help you require and what units you want us to relocate. Our movers are qualified to handle any move-related task with diligence and professionalism.

Request a free quote to have an idea about the cost of your long-distance move with the ABA Moving team.

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