Jul 02, 2021
Moving Myths

You’ve already heard so many misconceptions about relocation and moving companies in Miami Florida that you are absolutely perplexed.

People give their pieces of advice, share their moving lifehacks, and convince that’s the only way to get things done right. They assure you that hiring moving companies Miami is a waste of money. You hear that there is no way to stay calm during the moving process. Your friends insist that you can totally rely on Miami moving companies as they will carry any item type.

Your head is about to exploit because everything that gets to your ears is controversial. Whom are you supposed to believe and who is right? Let’s figure it out together.As a seasoned ABA moving company Miami fl, we’ve already carried thousands of successful moves. Thus, we know from our own experience how moving rookies are misled by common myths. So, let’s debunk mistaken beliefs that might stay on your way to hassle-free relocation.

You will save money by moving on your own

Your friends have already warned you, “Using the best moving companies in Miami will cost you a fortune. You will pay for a wide range of Miami moving services you can do without.” You estimate all the expenses and see that Miami local movers are not that affordable and you will save a huge sum of money when you decide to arrange your relocation without moving companies in Miami.
We won’t be completely denying that Miami movers are expensive, but let us stress one important thing. It all depends and the final fee will rely on numerous variables such as:

  • the company rate;
  • season and day;
  • the size of the move;
  • the range of services;
  • the deadline.

Mind that local moving companies Miami will charge more if you use their services during holidays, days off, or the busy season. Do not expect to find cheap moving companies Miami if you are planning relocation during the night shift. Besides, when you order turnkey moving services Miami fl, which include planning, packing, loading the truck, and logistics, this is going to be pricier than just asking a local moving company Miami to load the truck and bring your possessions to a new place.

Another side of the coin

But let’s take a look at the price from a slightly different angle. When you are considering moving quotes Miami of specific reliable moving companies, have you ever thought about how much time you actually save entrusting the whole relocation to masterful movers in Miami fl? Let us explain:

  • Packing materials and other moving supplies are not free – consider buying boxes, wrapping paper, or renting a lorry or truck;
  • You budget a huge amount of time, cutting working hours (thus, you work less and make less money);
  • You put a lot of energy into the organization and implementation of the move, which could have been directed into a more pleasant activity;
  • If you do not have a truck of your own, you will still need to rent it, which in combination with other moving expenses is almost equal to the rate you’ll pay for moving services Miami;
  • Consider how long it will take you to carry all the moving processes without the help of movers in Miami.

When you weigh down all pros and cons of moving without the assistance of professional movers Miami, you’ll see that your investment will pay you off twice.

It does not matter which moving company you hire

You might be tempted to hire the first Miami moving company that comes your way assuming that all of them are equal. Especially, when you find cheap movers Miami and are seduced by the low rate for the Miami moving service. Let us warn you – that’s a huge mistake and you risk entrusting your belongings to the moving and storage services Miami that will disappoint you.
We strongly recommend you to pay close attention to:

  • the license for smooth interstate and intrastate truck transportation;
  • experience for trouble-free relocation of all your possessions;
  • Miami moving company reviews for the peace of your mind;
  • insurance for unpredictable situations and emergency cases.

Get to know as many facts as you can, fully discovering Miami moving companies reviews and the above-mentioned characteristics.

It does not matter what moving supplies you use

If you believe that you can do without Miami Florida movers, you should think of the ways of provisioning reliable packing and moving supplies, which include boxes, markers, tapes, bubble wraps, ropes, dollies, and whatnot.
The choice of the moving supplies plays a crucial role as they will define if all your belongings come to the destination in a pristine condition. For example, if you use boxes from the local grocery store, they might be unreliable enough to pack heavy or fragile objects. Thus, it will be harder to deliver them to a new place. Also, you might need additional devices to load bulky and heavy stuff like furniture pieces to avoid their damage or your traumas.
So, if you do not have the right equipment at hand, you’d better hire moving companies in Miami fl rather than buy all those tools by yourself.

Movers Florida will move everything that you own

As you are going to pay for moving and storage Miami fl services, you assume that you can put just any item into the hands of the best movers Miami.
But you’ll be surprised to get to know that there is a no-move list, which includes things local movers Miami can’t bring to a new place. This list includes:

  • hazardous items like explosives, acids, ammonia, pool chemicals;
  • weapons, ammunition, and other stuff;
  • perishable objects like meat, dairy products, frozen food, etc.;
  • paints, bleach, gasoline, kerosene.

These measures are taken by the best moving companies Miami to protect your items from any potential damage. When you try to fool the Miami movers Miami fl, you should understand all the risks.
If anything happens with your possessions during the move, the local moving company Miami fl won’t cover your losses. You should also understand that you put the whole moving team in danger and you will be the only person responsible for the accident if it occurs.

Moving has to be stressful

When you say that you are moving, you always get those sympathetic looks. People think that a move is a complete mess and there is no way to stay calm in that chaos.
But it’s possible to take the chill pill and stay enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming move. Just let the best moving company in Miami take care of your relocation and you’ll see that there is nothing dreadful in it.

Are moving myths dangerous?

These myths look like a trifle, but they might play a dirty trick with you. If you take the bait and believe in every word people say, you risk turning your move into a complete disaster. You’ll be trying to do everything by yourself and will waste much more time and money compared to asking furniture movers Miami for help.
And what is more threatening is that you will hold a belief for your entire life that Miami moving was the worst thing that has ever happened to you. These dangerous thoughts won’t let you move further and get to a better place.

Book ABA Miami moving

Do not let mistaken beliefs ruin your move. We are sure you’ll enjoy the relocation experience with ABA Moving and storage Miami services.
Our movers are dedicated to providing five-star service. They will surround you with the amount of support you need to feel less stressed and happier about starting a new chapter in your life.
We’ll help you plan your move, create an inventory of your possessions, provide you with the packing or moving supplies, and even help put all items into the boxes. We will load the truck with all boxes you have or just take care of the items you can’t handle by yourself. ABA Moving company will deliver the most cost-effective transportation service and will aid you during the unpacking process.
As you see, we are ready for any type of moving task and we will ensure you have a completely stress-free move. We understand that every move is unique and you might require a custom set of services, so we will gladly adapt to your moving needs.

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