Jul 02, 2021

So, the big moving day is getting closer. But all your possessions are still scattered around your home. You have no clue how to pick yourself up and finally take on a packing process. 

As one of the most experienced Florida moving companies, we know how much effort it takes for our clients to get their things packed. After all, that’s not easy and it has nothing to do with the joyful and light-hearted process depicted in movies.

But even though the packing process is tiresome, there is a way to make things much easier. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel as there are certain strategies that are already proved by moving companies Florida. So, if you would like to get to know time-honored packing tips from moving companies in FL, here is your chance.
We’ve put out the working packing hacks from professional movers in Florida that would save tons of time and nerves on your way to your perfect move.

Get rid of unnecessary items before you start to pack

Do you really need a box of your kid’s old shoes that are too small for them in your new place? Will the picture of the lion match the interior of your living room? Are you going to use a BBQ set after you move from a house to an apartment?
There might be so many things you won’t need at your new location. So, before you start the packing thing, here is what we would recommend.
Make an inventory of all your possessions by room or location and carefully analyze whether you’ll need them at your new home. When making a decision, consider:

  • The size of the items – Will they fit your new room (for any furniture pieces, accessories, etc.)? Do you or other family members fit into clothes you are going to take with you?
  • The design of the stuff – Consider the color or style of the belongings you are using in your current home. Will they look great in a new interior?

The usability appropriateness – You probably won’t need a warm coat when you are moving from Alaska to Florida. Think critically about the use of every item you have.
This is a time-consuming process but believe us. You win so much more in the long run. So, once you decide on the items you keep and can do without, it’s time to find ways to getting rid of unnecessary stuff. Here are some tips from ABA Moving, professional Florida moving services.

Donate or recycle

If you are committed to making the world a better place, you will definitely enjoy this method and will add extra points to your karma. If it happens that you have things that other people can use, just donate them. You can reach charity organizations and they will distribute your belongings between people who might need them.
If your possessions are ruined and can no longer be utilized, throw them into the recycling bins or bring them to the closest recycling center.

Organize a garage sale

Would you like to make some extra bucks without any additional hassle? Then you can wave goodbye to your unnecessary items by organizing a garage sale. Let everyone in the neighborhood know that you are having a sale in your yard and encourage them to come and get the things they need.

Sell online

As your Florida moving is getting closer, you can use popular marketplaces where you can sell your used stuff online. This is a great opportunity to make some additional income by giving away not bulky items. If you have some valuable stuff that won’t fit your new interior, just go to eBay and create auction listings to maximize the final value of your belongings.

Save on packing supplies and pack economically

If you can’t afford to get help from moving companies in Florida, think of the ways of arranging the packing process by yourself. Collect a packing supply set by using all boxes, clothes, or other stuff you have at hand. If you need more supplies, ask your friends if they have any packing materials that might help you out. If you do not order packing and moving services Florida, you will save some money. But mind that it might add additional stress to your life.

How to pack quickly

We bet you won’t mind getting some tips that would speed up the packing process from the most skillful moving companies to Florida. Of course, hiring Florida movers is the surest way to get away with the relocation without the need to pack things by yourself. But if due to any reason you can’t go with this option, here is what our Florida moving company would recommend.

Create a list of what you need to pack

As you declutter all your belongings, make another list of stuff you’ve got to pack. Carefully consider every item and set packing priorities. Use tags to label your belongings for convenience.
For example, set the label ‘pack now’ for stuff you do not use at the moment. If you are still utilizing some things, you will want to put them in boxes later. Also, identify fragile items that should be treated with extra care.

Start packing as soon as possible

If you would like to turn your move into a complete mess, you can procrastinate as long as you want. But we won’t recommend you doing that because we know the cost of starting late. Begin the packing process as soon as possible to make sure you meet all the deadlines. The last thing you want to happen is to make movers Florida wait till you are done with the packing. Since most movers FL use hourly rates, this might cost you a fortune, especially during the busy season.

Ask friends and family to help you pack quickly

Stop being a timid person and ask your friends or relatives for help. Involve them in the packing process or invite them to watch your kids when you are busy with the moving tasks. Anyway, a team of untrained movers is better than a lone warrior fighting against the moving mess.

Packing room by room

There are different packing strategies but as a masterful mover in Florida, we believe that the room-by-room packing method is the most convenient one. It will enable you to pack your possessions much faster. Besides, you will simplify the unpacking process dramatically.

Hiring local movers will save you money in the long run

As you see, packing is not the type of process you can take easily. It might burn a hole in your pocket if you fail to organize it properly. If you decide to take care of the whole packing process from A to Z without the professional help of Miami distance moving companies, get ready to budget a lot of time and energy in this activity.
If you are a freelancer and time is money for you, just think of how many hours you’ll spend on packing instead of working. You risk losing clients or opportunities to join profitable projects. In this case, hiring a moving company near me is the best bet.
ABA Moving is a reliable Florida moving and storage company providing a wide range of relocation services. Our skilled and trained packers will arrange the whole packing process from the planning stage to the very last point of its implementation. If you want us to bring all the boxes into the truck, we’ll gladly provide you with a team of movers. Our goal is to help you live through the move without any stress.
If you do not have space in your current place and you still can’t decide on what to do with some of your things, do not worry. We are a Florida moving and storage company owning a huge storage premise. If you want to keep your belongings safe and sound without taking them to a new home, keep them in our storage area.

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